Summary: God is in life’s driver’s seat, He knows where He is taking us, and we will finally reach our destination.

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God Is in the Driver’s Seat Psalm 97:1

INTRO.: In Sept., 1971, I was nearly involved in an accident with a friend named Wayne. A driver pulled onto the highway in front of us and Wayne had to drive onto the shoulder to avoid hitting him. It was a very frightening experience, but I recovered quickly from it because I knew Wayne to be a very good driver. If I were a passenger in the other man’s car, I would still be scared. It was a little scarey for me, but not too bad, because I had confidence in the man driving.

As a Christian, I believe God is in the driver’s seat in our universe. I can live a confident and joyful life knowing He is with me and is in control. The God Who controls our universe is revealed in the Bible as our Heavenly Father. We are a part of His creation.

Jesus spoke to God and had fellowship with Him as a Father. He died with “father” on His lips. He taught us to call God “Father” and to go to Him in prayer as to a Father. Our God is not some impersonal force or intelligence. He is our Father.

I. Our Heavenly Father is in the driver’s seat.

A. If He is not,

1. He is not God at all.

2. We are at the mercies of every storm.

3. We have only feeble human devices to save us.

4. We have no real hope and are part of a system that is either winding down to a stop or about to burn up, depending on who you ask.

B. But, because He is in control,

1. We have hope for the future. Heb. 6:19

2. We have guidance and security in this life.

3. We can sing, “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”

C. There is great cause for joy, even in time of tension and strife. Text.

1. Our labor is not in vain. I Cor. 15:58

2. Followers of Jesus find peace and happiness in the worst of times. ILLUS.: Acts 16:25.

3. Our universe is ruled by history’s most just and benevolent Ruler.

II. Not only is God in the driver’s seat, He has a map and knows just where we are going.

A. The entire universe proceeds according to a plan.

1. We depend on this “natural law” to formulate our scientific systems and theories.

2. If we see footprints in the sand, we know someone else is on our island.

3. A plan presupposes a Planner. The universe is full of God’s footprints.

B. His plan is seen in Ephesians 1:3-10

1. Not an afterthought or “trial and error.”

2. God, Who planned the entire universe, also has a plan for His people.

3. This universe is headed for a divine climax. All things will be summed up and find their meaning in Christ.

C. God is working out His plan even now:

1. He began with His first creative act.

2. We may not always see His plan clearly, but He has one and is working it.

3. ILLUS.: Joseph may not have seen God’s plan, but afterwards acknowledged it. Gen. 45:8

III. God will reach His destination. He will not be defeated:

A. Evil can only win temporary victories:

1. He allows us free will.

2. In the past He winked at sin. Acts 17:30, 31.

3. Ultimately, He will triumph. Phil 2:10, 11

4. The judgement and victory of God are made certain by the resurrection of Jesus.

B. In the working out of His plan, God will not abandon any of us.

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