Summary: God is not a concept! He isn’t even an idea. God isn’t asome huge imaginary force in the vast expanse of this timeless world. He is alive and he is a living personal presence in our lives. What is God? God is.....

God is!

Pastor Jamie * Maranatha Fellowship Church * 06-27-04

What is God? Is he a concept or a new idea? Is he a tree or a flower in a field? Is he some mysterious being in the vast expanse of a timeless world?

Some think he is Allah or Buddha? But he is the only True and Living God. Buddha has ears and can’t hear. He has eyes and he can’t see. He has a mouth and can’t talk. Yet some call him God.

God is Alive and he can see, he can hear and he can speak.

I found a few things in the Bible that God is. I want to share them with you. I want to encourage you about this God you are serving and what he is!

God is our PROVIDER! Jehovah-Jireh Genesis 22:14

• God is my salvation Psalm 62:7 NKJ

• God is my healer Exodus 15:26 NIV

• God is my light I John 1:5 NLT

• God is love 1 John 4:8,16 KJV

• God is a deliver Deut 21:10 NKJ

God is POWERFUL! Omnipotent Psalm 62:11

• God is my Strength and Power 2 Samuel 22:33

• God is Mighty Job 36:5 NKJ

• God is Sovereign Job 12:9 Mes

• God is in charge Psalm 146:10 Mes

• God is a Consuming Fire Hebrews 12:29

• God is Awesome 2 Chronicles 2:5 Mes, Ps. 68:35

God is a PROTECTOR! Psalm 7:10GN, Psalm 18:2

• God is my protector Psalm 84:11 NLT

• God is my defender Psalm 94:22 NCV

• God is a fighter Exodus 15:3 Mes Deut 1:30

• God is on our side Numbers 14:9 Mes

• God is our refuge Psalm 46:1, 62:8 NKJ

God is PERSONAL! 2 Corinthians 3:17 Mes

• God is my strength, song & salvation Exodus 15:2 Mes

• God is my King Psalm 74 :12 Mes

• God is my Helper Psalm 54:4 NKJ

• God is my savior Isaiah 12:2 GN

• God is my portion Psalm 73:26 NKJ


He is the first and the last

The Beginning and the end

He is the keeper of Creation and the creator of all!

He is the architect of the universe and the Manager of all time.

He always was, He always is and He will always be. Unmoved, Unchanged, Undefeated and never undone

He was bruised and brought healing

He was pierced and eased pain

He was persecuted and brought freedom

He is risen and brings power

He reigns and brings peace

The world can’t understand him

The armies of hell can’t defeat Him

The schools can’t explain him

And the leaders can’t ignore Him

Herod couldn’t kill Him

The Pharisees couldn’t confuse him

And the people couldn’t hold him.

Nero couldn’t crush him

Hitler couldn’t silence him

The New Age can’t replace him

And Oprah can’t explain him away

He is light, love, longevity and Lord

He is goodness, kindness, gentleness and God

He is holy righteous mighty powerful and pure

He is always right

His word is eternal

His will unchanging

And His mind is on me.

God is my savior

God is my guide and

God is my joy

He is my comfort

He is my Lord

He rules my life

I serve Him because

His bond is love

His burden is light

And His goal for me is abundant life

I follow him because

GOD is the wisdom of the wise

The power of the powerful

The ancient of days

The ruler of rulers

The leader of leaders

The overseer of the over comers

And GOD is coming soon

And if that wasn’t enough

God is my redeemer, He’s rescuer, rewarder,

And my rock

He is a re-builder, and revealer of mysteries,

Restorer to my soul, and the reallllllll thing

When I fall he lifts me

When I fail he forgives me

When I am weak He is strong

When I am lost He is the way

When I am afraid, GODDDDDD Is my courage

When I stumble He steadies me

When I am hurt GOd heals me

When I am broken He mends me

When I am blind He leads me

When I am hungry he feeds me

When I face trials GODDDD is with me

When I am persecuted He shields me

When I face problems He comforts me

When I face loss He provides for me

When I face Death He carries Me home

He is everything for everybody everywhere every time and in every way. He is Goddddd. He is faithful. I am his and He is mine. My father in heaven can whip the father of this world. So, if you are wondering why I feel so secure

Understand this,

God is magnificent, merciful and mighty

God is my strong tower, shelter and shield.

He is exalted. He is on my side.

He is working behind the scenes.

And He is my God.

God is God and he is God for good!

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