Summary: moving out for the Lord

Men play leading roles in sports,politics,dangerous and daring jobs ,physical strength,mental telepathy ,mastersof money ,materials and methods;but when it comes to prayer,bible reading in the home it,s let the woman. We are desperatly in need of help from the male christian.

Spirit filled strong in the word. God may be looking for you.

(1)A man after Gods own heart & habit. (1st Samuel 13:14)

Sound in faith as a believer.

Solid in judgement of the Bible

Strong in church busness

(2)Attention to hear & help (Eze.33:7)

Watchman over Gods estate

work willingly as good example

Warn about the enemy

(3)Honest and Humble (Rom.13:13

Upright in all his transactions

Unquestionable in his testimony

Undefeated in the task

(4)And Accomplished hero & holy (Titus 1:8)

Master of his trade,meek as a christian

Massive accumulations,main busness is the church

Magnetic personality,maintaining real consecration

(5)A man that admits he is both human and heavenly (1st Cor.15:10)

Sinner saved by Grace

Son of God because of Calvary

Saint of God because of new birth

(6) A man attending Gods house & heritage (1st Cor.4:2)

Honors God first in daily walk

House of God foremost in duty and worship

Home with God final destiny-wonderful

(7)A man ahieved a hohorable home (1st Tim.5:8)

In the heart regarding family love

In home rejoicing in family living

In heaven no regrets before a faultless Lord

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