Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: When we think of God, what comes into our mind? For many, our view of God is shaped by our upbringing and view of our parents or others who were authority figures in our lives. We tend to combine that with what the Bible says to come up with our view of

Who is God?

God is Omnipotent!

Jeremiah 32:17

17 "Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. NIV

Series introduction


Good morning.

Who is God? I know that each of us have conceptions about God, but have you ever really taken time to think about and meditate on who He is and what He is like?

I think sometimes that we get an idea about God in our minds and we no longer think about Him.

For instance, I think there are some that may picture God in their minds as a Santa Claus like person who is kind and gentle and forgiving with nothing ever bothering him as He sits in His throne like rocking chair watching over humankind as a celestial grandfather.

Others may have a view of God as a strict disciplinarian head master of a boarding school, just waiting and watching for you to make one wrong turn so He can punish you.

Others may think of god as an absent grandfather who is confined to a home for the senile, who has little involvement in the day to day workings of the world or your life.

Others may have a view of God as a friend whom you can turn to at any time or in any situation and is there to walk through that situation with you, but that will never tell you when you are wrong or hold you accountable for your actions or words.

Others of us may have different views of God in our minds at different times.

Affects our Living

Now, no matter what your view of God is, it will affect how you live your life.

For instance, if you just think of God as just a good buddy, you might think that God doesn’t care so much about your sin, just what is going to make you happy, and therefore you just do what makes you feel good in the moment.

Or if you think God is just a disciplinarian, you might be afraid to confess your sin to God but instead just flee from Him.

Our view of who God is affects every one of us in our everyday life, so it is vitally important that we have a correct view of God, or we are never going to be able to live in the full freedom and joy that comes from trusting and following the one true God.

So this morning, we are beginning a series that I hope will help us all know God better so that we can live better and more fully in the increasing knowledge of who He is.

Sermon intro

So this morning, we are going to begin by learning that

God is Omnipotent


What does omnipotent mean?

Well, Omni means all, and “potent” means power.

So Omnipotent means “all powerful.”

God is all powerful.

This is an important attribute of God for us to understand. I am sure there are many here who know this truth in your minds, but have you ever really contemplated that and what it means?

In our minds sometimes, if we think of all powerful, we might think of someone like a Superman, who is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or fly through the air and overcome the laws of nature.

I remember seeing the first Superman building and Superman was always there to save people just in the nick of time. I remember in the first movie a bus full of people about to plunge off a bridge and Superman coming to the rescue and using his strength and straining to put the bus in a safe place. I think many of us apply the qualities of Superman to God, in being able to save us just in the nick of time due to his power and might.

And while there is some truth to the perfect timing of God’s works in our life, God is not Superman. God’s power is such that He will never strain to accomplish what He desires.

He does not need to get more power.

He does not need to work out.

There is no kryptonite that will reduce God’s power.

He is all powerful, all the time


Jeremiah 32:17 - "Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.

This morning I want to take some time to contemplate what the fact that God is omnipotent actually means and then seek to understand what this means in our life.

This is important because when we live with a view of God that is only a shadow of the reality of who He is, we live only a shadow of a life.

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