Summary: Core values God is looking for in men that will serve him


I Samuel 16:6-14

In Chapter 8 Samuel had appointed his sons judges over Israel, which has caused ill repute in Israel because of their corruption. The elders go to Samuel and tell them they want a king to rule over them. The Lord told Samuel to tell the people all that would come about under the rule of a king but the people would not hearken and told Samuel they wanted to be like the other nations. In Chapter 10 we find where the Lord gives Saul another heart promoting him over Israel. But because of Saul’s disobedience concerning the sacrifice and not destroying all of the Amalekites including Agag God was preparing to reject Saul and appoint another over Israel that he had sought after his own heart (I Samuel 13:14) The brings us to our text and title…GOD IS STILL LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN!

I. God is looking for a man he can trust

A. (v.11) David was the youngest keeping his father’s sheep. Never do we read where David had lost one of his father’s sheep. Jesse trusted David with the sheep. God is looking for someone he can trust with his sheep.

II. God is looking for a man with some courage

A. (ch. 17) Jesse gives David 10 cheeses to take to his brothers to see how they fare When he gets there he hears Goliath and sees how the men are afraid of him. David enquires of what shall be done with the man that kills Goliath and the people say he shall be enriched by the king. Eliab gets ill at David but David responds (v. 29) What have I now done? Is there not a cause? They try to put on Saul’s armor but David does not wear it saying he had not proven it and heads out to fight Goliath.

B. Here goes the “King” to fight the battle. Even though Saul was in charge David had already been anointed king.

III. God is looking for a man with some leadership (Judges 6)

A. While Gideon is threshing wheat and angel of the Lord appears to him and address him saying “The Lord is with thee thou might man of valor”(v.12) valor: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness: personal bravery

B. Gideon would deliver Israel from the hands of the Midianites

IV. God is looking for some men who are faithful

A. Gideon starts with 32,000 men

B. God tells Gideon to proclaim to all me that are fearful and afraid to return home. 22,000 men depart leaving 10,000 men

C. Afterwards God tells Gideon there are still to many to take them to the water and those that lappeth sit them apart and those that bow there knee to drink send them to the house

D. 9,700 bowed their knee to drink leaving 300 faithful men and Gideon delivered the Midianites

E. Job also was faithful in his trouble never cursing God or laying anything to his charge

V. God is looking for some men who will be reverent to the Man of God

A. Abishai was reverent to David (I Samuel 26:6)

B. Aaron and Hur reverent to Moses (Exodus 17:12)

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