6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: An examination of the Rich Young Ruler.

I was playing flag football right and my body was saying- What are you doing? And I would try to run like you know go over there right now and I would like, my brain would say – go! And my legs would say - nah I think I’m gonna stay right here. I like it right here so my legs are hurting right now so we, we, it was a bunch of old guys. It was you know most of the guys are 50’s and 60’s. 1 guy was 70 something right? And ah it was, it was, it was sad. It was, let me finish the sentence, it for me it was sad what I couldn’t do anymore and it was so sad. I was just like walking to the car like this and what was really sad about it, on the field were these young guys who are gonna go into the NFL draft. So they were working out and I’m looking over there going – I used to be able to do that. It was so much faster and I was like – No way! And it was just like, I mean guys today are so much bigger, stronger, and faster but it was just, it was just said so my legs are going like – You have to take off for like 6 months.

Let’s see your bibles, let’s see your bible. Oh that’s weak. One more time say word. Very good. Let’s see your pens, lesson plan, lesson plan. Let’s turn to Matthew 19, Matthew 19, Matthew 19.

Lord we thank you for your word. Thank you for your faithfulness and thank you for the, to hear pages in bibles turning. We pray you bless us today and may we be a blessing to you. In Jesus’ name, amen!

How many of you by a show of hands hate to wait for things: people, phone call, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah? Ok. I think most of us don’t like to wait but we all wait differently according to your personality. Now I’m gonna categorize this in 2 categories but there’s probably a whole lot more but just for simple, to make it simple some of us are sharks and sharks have to keep moving to make water go over their lungs. So they’re always moving, always (ehhhhh sound) you know and, and some people got to go-g- go. They’re like busy bees. Ah they’re action people. They like stuff always going on. They‘re like the kind of person that if you call somebody up and leave a message and say call me. You don’t really wait a whole long time before you don’t call them back again. Are you following me? How many of you all know what I’m talking about? Ok you, you don’t like to wait. You know um you always got to be doing something: texting, emailing, on the phone, walking around, you‘re fidgety ok? My wife and by the way people who are go-go people and people who are be-be-be people, be is that some people are just content with being. I call them koala bears. They could just, they hold onto their little bamboo stick and they’re good. You know chew a little leaves, they’re good. Then there’s shark people they always got to go and they always got to be doing something. Now I’m not talking about ADD. I’m just talking about people who are busy, that’s different. And by the way do people who are active and be people God made both. The, not one’s right or wrong, they’re just different and they wait differently.

So my, I asked my wife – when are we gonna be eating dinner? My wife’s a be person so she’s kind of you know content with taking the long way out, the long route to tell me answers to my question. Well I got to thaw the meat, and then I got to make the salad, then I have to make the salad dressing. It’s gonna take 20 minutes to do this and….. It’s taking like forever to just answer what I think is a very basic question. When am I gonna be chewing? When am I gonna be doing that? When is food gonna be going down my throat? That’s what I want to know. So she’s a koala bear. Matter of fact my wife’s a koala bear and I’m a shark. A lot of the couples friends we have the wife is the shark and the husband’s the koala. So we get together, me and the wife go ehh, they’re the wife talking her and the other husbands they just hold onto the bamboo.

How many of you all got a koala, how many of you are koala bears? You all just can chill. You could just be – Hey it’s gonna be an hour. Ok. Other people it’s gonna…. How many sharks out here? Ok yes got to go.

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