Summary: This is a revision of an earlier Mother’s Day Message on how God uses Women to make a difference

God is Working It Out

5/14/2006 Exodus1:8-22 Ephesians 6:10-18 Text Exodus 2:1-10

Some times when we start something, we are not sure what it’s going to look like when its finished. It’s like the little girl who was busy drawing and coloring with great intensity. Her mother asked, "Honey, what on earth are you doing." She said, "I’m making a picture of God. Her mother said, "well sweetheart, don’t you know that nobody knows what God looks like. She said, "yes, but they will as soon as I’m done with this picture.

In a lot of ways, God is similar to the little girl. If it were possible for us to look over God’s shoulder and see what God is up to in our lives, we may ask God, "what in heavens are you doing. God says, I’m about to make a diamond, out of these broken pieces of glass." " Well God, don’t you know its not possible. God may respond yes I know its impossible, but I’m working it out anyway."

You see the size of our faith, is going to be limited by the size of our God. Each Christian should be looking to the Lord for something to do in the kingdom of God, and everyone ought to be praying " God bless me with a job that’s too big for me to do on my own." It we are only are willing to do the things that we know we are capable of doing, we will never be driven to our knees to meet God, and ask the question, "Oh God who am I that you would call me to such a task as this.

Saints, when we are faced with new challenges in our lives and we ask the question "Oh God, who am I?", the answer comes back from heaven, "My child it doesn’t make too much of a difference who you are--I am all you need, for I am the one that’s working it out!" The challenges which come before us can come up anywhere, at home, on the job, at the church or in the school. Are we willing to believe that God is still working it out.

In our text this morning, we found a period of time in which everyday was a dark, sad and miserable day for mothers, fathers and family members alike. For God’s people were under the oppression of a ruthless pharaoh or Egyptian King. Cold hearted and murderous, he had given the order to kill every male child born among God’s people. Each baby boy was to be tossed into the Nile River and drowned. Beautiful lives, created in the image of God were being destroyed. If somebody had of told those mothers and fathers, God is working it out, they may have cursed the person and God as well in their grief and anger.

Strange thing is, God often works things out through people who are willing to stand and take risks. We were told in the New Testament reading to put on the whole armor of God for we are involved in a war. There are many things God wants to work out in our lives, but God’s hands are tied because we are not dressed for battle. When opportunities come up for us to make a difference, we are passed over because our armor is not on.

There are opportunities before each of us this morning, to make a difference for God. Are we willing to open our eyes and see them? Are we willing to say, "Here I am Lord, send me."

If you had of been there in the first chapter of Exodus what would you have done? Imagine for a moment, you or your wife, or your sister or mother is pregnant. You don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy. If it’s a girl, the news can spread through the community, we have a new baby. But if it’s a boy, you know that the soldiers will be coming through to make sure you throw the child into the Nile River. If you do not, you’re beaten or possibly killed, and the child is still taken away to be murdered.

Who are you willing to let be present at the birth of the child? Who do you trust not to spill the beans on you, for surely the Egyptians had their spies once they saw a pregnant woman.

There are always those who will sell information for a dollar or two to the enemy. You want to believe that God is going to work it out, but you still hear the cries of the family next door whose twin boys were both thrown into the Nile.

Sometimes the only hope we have, and it is sufficient hope to get us through, is that God is working it out.

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