Summary: Psalm 139 #1


Psalm 139:1-6

We live in a day of proliferating knowledge. The fund that makes up human knowledge I understand has doubled every two years since 1960. Amazing, isn’t it? And now is doubling at the rate of every 18 months. Just think, our field of knowledge DOUBLES every 18 months! And did you know that some of that information is about you? George Barna, who has become one of the leaders in polling and research and statistics says this in his book, "The Frog In the Kettle" says this:

"Organizations such as Donnelly Marketing can now make available detailed information about the 85 million of the 92 million households in America. Based upon combined data bases and statistical modeling techniques, these systems can describe with great accuracy your television viewing patterns, your radio listening habits, your magazine and newspaper reading preferences, your product purchasing by brand, household demographics and key attitudes and values."

That’s scary, isn’t it? That people out there know that much about us. Far more than we could ever imagine they could know.

And we haven’t seen the end of it. Futurists predict that what we know today will represent only a small percentage of what we will know by the year 2010!

No doubt about it, we are living in an age of exploding knowledge and change.

With all this knowledge, growing by leaps and bounds every day...knowledge about you and me...those people out there don’t even know a small fraction about us that Somebody else knows. And I’m talking about our All-Knowing, Omniscient God. This is one of the major themes in a Psalm in the Old Testament...

Psalm 139. Psalm 139 is all about God. I believe it would do us well to get to know this All-Knowing, Omniscient God. Let’s look into it in more detail.

Please turn with me to Psalm 139:1-6

The title of this Psalm tells us that David wrote this Psalm. It is an inspired title. Psalm 139:1-24

"For the director of music. A psalm of David"

David, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote this Psalm. He wrote it for the director of music. It was written to be used in worship with the accompaniment of musical instruments. And in this Psalm David exalts the majesty of God. Our great God who is All-Knowing, who is present everywhere, who is All-Powerful, who is infinitely holy. God is the subject of this Psalm.

The first word of this Psalm in the Hebrew text is the word Yahweh (Jehovah)= "I AM." The Great "I AM." The Great Covenant-Keeping God of Israel. God is a God of His Word. He keeps His Word. He is present with His people and He keeps His Word to them. This Psalm is about God.

But David does more than teach us great doctrine about God. He shows us how these truths about God relate to our lives today!

And we need to know that.

We need to know this desperately in our day and age.

We need to know God!!!

We need to know God more intimately than we¡¦ve ever known Him before!

Actually, knowing God better can accomplish some wonderful things in our lives. It’s the solution to most of our problems.

And if it doesn’t solve them, it will at least help us know how to handle them. Every problem!

For example, knowing God better can make us more loving people and that will help us get along with others better.

It would solve a lot of our marital problems and other inter-personal problems and tensions we have. Knowing God can do that for us. Knowing God can fill us with joy. And don’t you think that most of us could us a little more joy in our lives?

Knowing God better can help relieve our worries.

Knowing God better can take away our fears.

Knowing God better can provide us with abundant life. We all want that don’t we?

So let’s spend a few weeks in Psalm 139 and try to get to know God a little bit better. It would be well worth our time!

The subject of the first six verses is God’s omniscience.

He knows everything.

He knows me, and He knows you.

He knows us completely and thoroughly.

He knows us intimately.

During the last census, a mother was asked by a census taker how many children she had. She had a very large family, so she started to go through all her children, "Oh, let’s see now, there’s Billy, and there’s Harry, and there’s Martha, and there’s..."

And the census taker got a little impatient and annoyed with her,

"Never mind their names, just give me the number!"

Well, the mother got very indignant and said to the man,

"They don’t have numbers, they all have names!"

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