Summary: There are some things in your life that only God can see!

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(Props: Dress up in a doctors lab coat and carry a stethascope for visual effect)

One of the least favorite places for anyone to go is to the doctor. One major reason is because no one likes to get shots! Yet, doctors are there to help us in times when we are sick and need attention physically. There are some things that makes it easy for a doctor to diagnose our problems. Example: When we have a scrapped knee or when we have a bump on our head or when we have a sprained ankle or even when we have a big cut that needs stitches. However, there are some things that a doctor can’t see inside of us that brings him to use a special tool. It’s called an x-ray machine. X-Ray’s are used to take a picture of problems that are inside of us. Yet, did you know that there are things that even a doctor can’t see in your x-ray? Those things that a doctor can’t see are the things God can see! God knows your x-ray. The Bible says in 1 Samuel 16:7 that man looks at the outside of our appearance and God looks at the heart. That is why God can see our x-ray. Here are 3 things that only God can see in our x-ray that doctors can’t.

I.) He see’s what you think.

a.) about others

b.) about telling lies

c.) about yourself

II.) He see’s what you feel.

a.) happy

b.) scared

c.) angry

III.) He see’s and knows if you really love Him.

a.) enough to serve Him.

b.) enough to obey.

c.) enough to obey your dad and mom.

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