Summary: Learning to ask God to meet our needs through prayer

Get Connected: A Daily Pattern for Prayer

"God Meet My Needs"

Matthew 6:11

Children writing to there pastor about prayer:

Dear Pastor, Could you say a special blessing for my Aunt Beatrice? She has been looking for a husband for 12 years and still hasn’t found one. Yours sincerely, Debbie. (Age 9, Duluth)

Dear Pastor, Do I have to say grace before every meal? Even when I am only having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Wesley. (Age 9, Baltimore)

Dear Pastor, Thank you for your sermon on Sunday. I will write more when my mother explains to me what you said. Yours truly, Justin. (Age 9, Westport)

Dear Pastor, Please pray for all the airline pilots. I am flying to California tomorrow. Laurie. (Age 10, New York City)

Dear Pastor, We say grace every night before we eat dinner even when we have leftovers from the night before. Yours truly, Jacki. (Age 9, Chicago)

Dear Pastor, I say my prayer before I eat my supper but my mother still makes me finish my spinach and drink my milk. Julie. (Age 9, Buffalo)

Dear Pastor, I know God loves me but I wish He would give me an "A" on my report card so I could be sure. Love, Theresa. (Age 8, Milwaukee)

Prayer we are learning about this very important part of our lives.

We are talking about getting connected with God through prayer. Growing in our intimacy with the Lord. This is our third message in this series I’ve titled called, “Get Connected: A Daily Pattern for Prayer.” God sets forth for us here in Matthew chapter 6 a pattern for daily prayer. How we can connect with God through prayer, how to know what to pray for, and how our prayers can be more effective so we can get the things we asking God for in prayer.

Two week ago we started our talking about God being our Father and how awesome He is and how hold He is. And how we need to start our prayers out focusing on praising God for who He is and all He has done for us.

Last week I shared what I believe was one of the most important message I have probably preaching in my entire life. We talked about this whole issue about the will of God.

We really want to know God’s will for our life but we really don’t want to do the will of God.

God I want you to tell me who to marry but I don’t want to go on a missionary trip. God I want to come to church and worship you but I don’t ask me to give up that sin that I want to hold onto.

God I want really want to get the job you want me to have but don’t ask me to feed a homeless person or to even go as far as to have that homeless person live in my home.

We are good at wanting to know the will of God but we are not doing as good a job at doing the will of God. Don’t miss the importance of that truth. God wants everything in your life. Are you willing to give that to Him? He says it’s either all or nothing. Do we live like that? So often I know that I don’t live like that.

My prayer is that we will be individuals and a church that not only takes about wanting to know God’s will but I want to be a group of people and a church that does the will of God. Don’t you want that? Don’t you long to live like that? God help us to be obedient to doing you will.

The Holy Spirit prompts us each day. If we are God’s child the spirit of God is trying to communicate to us and tell us what to do. Are we listening? Are we listening with a willing spirit?

So we start our prayer by saying…

“God I praise you.”

“God I want to do your will.”

The focus of this prayer changes here from the focus on God and who He is and His will and purposes to us and who we are and what are needs are.

Matthew 6:11 "Give us this day our daily bread." NAS

“God meet my needs”

God is telling us to come to Him and ask Him to meet our daily needs.

It is tough today to make the transition from “God I want to do your will” to “God meet my needs” but here we go.

I think even in the midst of “God meet my needs” there is the will of God in that if we will look for it. God has created you a certain way, with a certain personality, with certain gifts, talents, and abilities. And He has also created you with certain needs. If He created you with needs He wants to meet those needs.

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