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Summary: When you Diverse you Reverse the Social curse.

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God of All People

Grant van Boeschoten

March 29, 2009

Have you ever noticed how life can be a lonely place. You are surrounded by people in your work, and people in your daily routines, but that doesn’t mean that you are not lonely.

To make it a little bit more down to Earth, have you ever noticed how Eckville can be a lonely place. I hear stories of people almost on a weekly basis of how lonely they are here. Isolation seems to almost be a theme of our town and it just shouldn’t be.

There are so many different young mothers out there, so why do so many of them still feel like they are on their own. Even with the different groups that are set up to bring them together, it is common to hear how they feel like they are on their own. And the stress of being a first time parent along with the financial demands soon you think that it’s you against the world. But it’s not.

And then I run into some different married couples and they talk like it’s them against the world. There is the mindset that nobody wants to see you win, nobody thinks that you can do it, and it is just simply going to be hard work and you two bonding together if you are ever going to make it. And so with your own mindset you cut yourself off from the world. But it’s a lie. It’s not you against the world. Most people are either for you or at the very least neutral. You are not alone.

Another group of people that I here about frequently is the Christians. That’s right the Christians. It seems like you can know a person for 5 years and then suddenly find out that you are both Christians. You live in the same town, you serve the same God, you both want to share the good news about Jesus, but somehow you don’t even know that you are both on the same team.

And there Christians all over our town and we don’t even know who most them are. And instead of this unity that we talk about, we live alone, separated and cut off and it seems like we have come to accept this as just the way that it is. But it is not.

Our town isn’t going to be won for Jesus if we can’t work together. The sooner we come up with some real solutions for teamwork and cooperation, the sooner we are going to be a part of the transformation that God has planned for us.

There is also another group of people who I am sure must feel quite lonely. It is those of a different background. When you look up and down our streets you see mostly white people. But I’m not, and I don’t think you are, naive enough to believe that different races, ethnicities and cultures live among us.

In fact, I am going to guess that there are far more people of different background in our region than any of us really know about. So why are we cut off from them? How many of you have a close friend of a different background? How many of you have a good friend with a different color of skin?

You see, when God planned the Church it was for everybody. It was so that every man women boy and girl, every race, every color, EVERY PERSON could find out the good news about Jesus and have their life be totally and radically saved.

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