Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Is our knowledge of God about God or have we come to an intimate relationship where God is MY GOD?

God or My God?

3/3/97 Valley Christian Church

I. The God of Elijah. (2 Kings 2:14)

II. 2 Samuel 22:1-7,20,21

A. David learned to appropiate God for himself in the midst of difficulties.

III. God is interested in two things.

A. That we know Him.

1. Philippians 3:8-10--That I might know him.

2. Not just a mental ascent, for the devils know there is one God who will judge the earth. This kind of knowledge is not the dind you get by reading out of a book, but the kind that comes through experience

a. 1 Tim. 3:6--An elder must have experience, not a novice with just head knowledge.

B. That we become like him.

1. God is not so concerned that things go easy for us as we are.

a. Ezekiel 16:49--sin of Sodom

2. Romans 8:28,29--predistinate to be conformed to the image of his Son.

3. Colossinas 3:10--renewed in knowledge

4. Romans 5:1-5--tribulation works character in our lives: patience, hope and love.

IV. How do we get there? (Esther 2:12)

A. Myrrh = perfume speaks of death. Obtained by crushing the myrrh plant and when it is crushed, this aromatic gum comes forth.

1. Lamentations 3

2. Job 42:3-6-- After some months of bitter experiences, God turned the captivity of Job and gave him a double portion.

3. Joseph--experienced the pit, slavery,and imprisonment before he was exalted.

4. Psalm 23:4--At times the Lord will lead us through the valley of the shadow of death.

B. Sweet odors = good pleasant experiences.

1. Bringing back the ark of the covenant.

2. Slaying the lion, bear, and Goliath.

V. Mary and Martha

A. Mark 14:3-9--Disciples said it was a waste

1. A waste is giving too much. It indicates that the one receiving is not worth so much.

2. John 12:4,5--Judas led the attack, note that he never called the Lord his Lord. To him, anything devoted to the Lord was a waste. This is just like the heathen of the day.

a. Judas thought it would be better to do some workof social ministry, more practical,why pour it all out on the feet of Jesus? The world says it is too much to give yourself to the Lord, but when our eyes hae beenopened to the worthof the Lord, nothing is too good for Him.

3. There are some Christians who try to get as much from the Lord as they can while give as little as possible to the Lord. Yet, our service to the Lord is not one of whether the poor have been satisfied, but whether the Lord is satisfied. He is interested first of all in us knowing Him, worshipping Him, ministering to theLord, not to those around us.

a. We look at who we spoke to, numbers of this or that, but that is not to be our first consideration though God is interested in our works. His concern is with our worshipping at His feet and pouring that whichis precioius to us out to him.

4. “She has done what she could” = she gave her all.

5. Are we after mere usefulness as those disciples were? or are we “wasting” our time, while others seem to be getter far ahead while I have continual trials and suffering?

6. We must learn to be broken before the Lord as the alabaster box. Then the fragrace can reach out and fill the house. The Lord would have us first of all not preach or do work, but to create hunger in others. No real work will begin in any life apart from a sense of need. This will be by those whose lives have really experienced him and continue to experience Him.

1) Psalm 42:1,2--David’s hunger and thirst.

B. Luke 10:38-42-Busy for Jesus or sitting at is feet?

NOTE: This sermon was one I preached a number of years ago and I am indebted to a variety of speakers and authors, as well as the Holy Spirit, however, actual reference books, messages, that have been so helpful throughout all my life and in putting together this message has been lost other than what is noted.

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