Summary: God promise to Abraham is fulfilled when he does something for God.

I. Todays message will be about promises.

a. Have you ever made a promise to God?

b. Have you ever broke a promise to God?

c. Do you know God has made a promise to you?

II. God asked Abraham to do something.

a. God asked Abraham to leave his land and to go to the land that God had showed him.

b. Abraham would leave the land that he was in and would set out for the new land.

c. Sometimes we have to leave our current location to recieve the promise that God has for us. The problem with that is that we become to comfortable in our current location and refuse to move on. When we refuse to move then that is when we lose out on some of our promises from God.

III. Whhat happened when Abraham listened to God

a. Abraham and his brother Lot would become rich, they had so much stuff that they did not have enough land for all of the animals.

b. The animals in the land would fight with one another, so Abraham and Lot would seperate from one another because of this issue.

c. Abraham would be blessed by God in the following way: God blessed Abraham with the land called Canaan.

IV. Abraham recieved this blessing along with the blessing of becoming the father of many nations, because he listened to God when God asked him to leave his current location. If you are wanting something from God, that God has promised you, than you need to listen to him and obey him to recieve it. That is how Abraham recieved the blessing that he did.

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