Summary: A study into Job chapter thrity nine.

Job 39 could be outlined -

God Questions Job About Several Animals

The Wild Goats and Deer (Job 39:1-4)

The Wild Donkey (Job 39:5-8)

The Wild Ox (Unicorn) (Job 39:9-12)

The Ostrich (Job 39:13-18)

The Horse (Job 39:19-25)

The Hawk (Job 39:26)

The Eagle (Job 39:27-30)

In reality God has questioned Job already about some animals in chapter thirty eight - the lion (Job 38:39) and the raven (Job 38:41). Two questions that God asked about these animals were:

1. Can you provide the prey for the loin and satisfy its appetite?

2. Can you provide food for the raven and supply food for its young when they call out?

Let us not forget that there were no chapter divisions when the book of Job was written. Verses and chapter divisions were added later to make it easier for us to locate a portion of the scripture. God now continues to question Job concerning his understanding of animal science.

1 "Do you know the time when the wild mountain goats bear young? Or can you mark when the deer gives birth? 2 Can you number the months that they fulfill? Or do you know the time when they bear young? 3 They bow down, They bring forth their young, They deliver their offspring. 4 Their young ones are healthy, They grow strong with grain; They depart and do not return to them. Job 39:1-4 (NKJV)


God asks Job questions about the wild goats and the deer:

1. Job do you know the day that mountain goats give birth to their young?

2. Job can you write on the calendar the day that the deer will give birth?

3. Job do you know the exact day and time these events will happen?

God then explains the process.

They bow down.

They bring forth the young.

They deliver their offspring.

The young ones are healthy.

The young grow strong with the food they eat.

The young depart from their mothers – never to return again.

Job do you have control over any of these things? The answer of course is, “No – of course not!”

5 "Who set the wild donkey free? Who loosed the bonds of the onager, 6 Whose home I have made the wilderness, And the barren land his dwelling? 7 He scorns the tumult of the city; He does not heed the shouts of the driver. 8 The range of the mountains is his pasture, And he searches after every green thing. Job 39:5-8 (NKJV)


Again Job is asked a series of questions:

1. Job are you the one who set the wild donkey free?

2. Job did you untie the wild mule?

3. Job did you make the wilderness their natural habitat?

4. Job did you give them such a nature that they hate to be tamed?

In verse five some translations use the term “wild donkey” twice.

Verse eight says that all the mountains are their pasture as they search of food.

9 "Will the wild ox be willing to serve you? Will he bed by your manger? 10 Can you bind the wild ox in the furrow with ropes? Or will he plow the valleys behind you? 11 Will you trust him because his strength is great? Or will you leave your labor to him? 12 Will you trust him to bring home your grain, And gather it to your threshing floor? Job 39:9-12 (NKJV)


When it comes to the animal found in these verses – there is much debate. The New King James version of the Bible calls the animal a “wild ox”. Other translations call it: a unicorn (KJV), a wild buffalo (MSG), a rhinoceros (DRB)and the Young’s Literal Translation does not interpret the word but calls it a “Reem” a Hebrew word for “wild bull”. In any case the importance of whatever animal is used – the fact is that it is strong and wild – it is not tame. God again asks Job a series of questions about this animal.

1. Job can you make the wild ox your servant?

2. Job will you put it to bed each night in a stall?

3. Job can you tie a rope around its neck and lead it around?

4. Job will you put a yoke on it and have it plow your fields?

5. Job just because it is strong – can you trust it to be a beast of burden?

6. Job can you put your faith in the fact that it will do what you want it do?

7. Job will you risk you livelihood on the character of the wild ox?

Some animals can not be tamed – even though they have been captured and placed in cages does not mean that the wild instincts are under control. Job is asked, “How much power do you have over the wild ox – buffalo? Would you risk your life – livelihood – on such a wild beast?”

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