Summary: God's choice and election

God’s Sovereign Choice

Romans 9:1-33


Today’s passage in Romans 9 can be difficult to deal with

The reason being is that we have a hard time trying to understand God’s infinite mind with our finite mind

Today we will look at God’s Sovereign Choice…which deals with the elect of God and His will being fulfilled even when we don’t understand it


Trans: The first thing that Paul shows us in Romans 9 is…

1. Israel’s Rejection of Christ (1-5)

Paul in the first 5 verses deals with a subject that he did not really want to deal with

Paul was a Jew and he loved Jews (read vs 3)

He wishes he could sacrifice his own life for the sake of the Jewish nation

The Jewish nation was God’s chosen…and Paul was creating an uproar preaching to Gentiles

What was he preaching? The way of salvation is found in Christ

Remember the Jews rejected Christ…they were the ones that had Him crucified

Even though the Jews have rejected Christ, He is still faithful to fulfill His promises to them

And regardless of what they think, vs 5 tells us that the Messiah came, who is God, and is over all

Trans: Second, we see that Paul then turns to…

2. God’s Gracious Election of Israel (6-13)

Paul explains in these verses that God’s election of Israel is a sure calling…but not all who descend from Israel are Israel

He is talking about those who may be physically born Jews are not necessarily those that are called to be the Spiritual Israel

He goes on to say it is not the physical children who are God’s children but the children of the promised seed

That means “children of the spiritual” seed that comes through rebirth in Christ

Just because you are born a Jew doesn’t mean you are granted eternal life

We must all, Jew and Gentile alike, receive what Christ did on the cross in the payment of our sins

Turn to Matthew 3:8-10 (Expound)

The promise of the seed of Abraham is a spiritual seed that comes through the off-spring of Christ

Turn to John 1:11-13 (Expound)

Then Paul quotes a verse that is very hard for us to understand

Vs 13 Paul shows that Jacob and Esau were both of Jewish descent but God loved Jacob and not Esau…but hated him (hate literally means hate or detest)

Jacob here is a representation of the elect or chosen of God and Esau is a representation of those that are not the elect

God chose them before they were even born…before they had done anything good or bad…He chose one He loved…one He hated…He is God and we are not

Trans: Lastly, we see that even though we can’t understand it, Paul says…

3. God’s Selection is Just (14-29)

Paul then says because of these previous verses are God unjust…Absolutely not!


Paul quotes what God tells Moses in vs 15 (read)

Mercy – to not get what you deserve – we deserve death – (Expound)

Compassion – means “to pity or have pity upon” – God had pity on us

Vs 16 is a very important verse as Paul says “…it does not depend on human will or effort but ON GOD who shows mercy”

In other words, you and I have nothing to do with God’s redemptive plan…we have no ability to choose God

John 6:44 “No man comes to me unless the Father who sent Me draws him and I will raise him up on the last day”

Paul again quotes the OT in vs 17-18 by saying that He chose Pharaoh…to harden Pharaoh’s heart for His purpose which was…to display His power in Him

Some would say…it’s not fair that God does this?

Well Paul addresses that as well in vs 19-24 (read)

The potter has the right and the power to form the clay into whatever He desires it to be…some for honor and others for dishonor

You and I have no say so in that as Paul states in vs 20 “Who are you who talks back to God?”

Listen Saints, He is God and we are not…we cannot begin to counsel the mind of an all powerful, omniscient God

He who speaks things into existence and creates for His purpose

ILLUST: Speeding ticket…throw myself on the mercy of the court…still had to pay $125 fine…was the court merciful YES…could’ve been more or put in jail…did I like it NO…but was it just? YES…I was speeding

Vs 30-33 deals with Israel’s present state and tells us basically that just because you are born a Jew doesn’t mean you are in a right standing with God

Righteousness only comes by way of God and it only comes through receiving Christ

To the Jews, Christ is a stumbling block, because now they cannot claim to be God’s chosen because of birth…they must believe on Him who gives new birth

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