Summary: Part 8 in a series on the 119th Psalm

God’s Word and God’s People

Part 8

Sermon Series: A Word about the Word

Date: March 16, 2003 AM Service

Place: Allendale Baptist Church

Text: Psalm 119:57-64


As I have looked and studied this section, these 8 verses of the 119th Psalm, the dominant theme which runs through this section is the emphasis of the effect of God’s Word in and among God’s people.

For many in our world see this book as merely a book of do’s and don’ts; as a book of simple instruction for simple people; a cane or a crutch for those who have trouble walking or standing own their own.

But we as Christians and particularly Southern Baptist hold it as the revelation of Almighty God to man. We see it as the inerrant, infallible, inspired Word of God.

I know I have asked this question before let me ask and answer it again; Why is the pulpit and not the baptistery or the Lord’s Supper/Communion table at the center of our church building?

* Let me answer it this way: It is to remind us that we rally around the Word of God.

* It is to be our text.

* It is to be the foundation upon which our fellowship and worship are centered.

* That is not to say we worship the Bible.

* The triune God is our object of our worship.

But hear me and hear me real good and please do not misunderstand me; for the believer, for the Christian our love of God and our love for His Word should be inseparable.

Notice four facts as we look this morning at God’s Word and God’s People.

First we see in the characteristic of this godly man, a deep…

I. Conviction “Thou art my portion, O Lord; I have said that I would keep Thy words. I entreated Thy favour with my whole heart: be merciful unto me according to Thy word.”

Look at the word …

A. The Portion

1. In Scripture this word was normally used to describe ordinary pleasures.

2. Here it is used to describe rest and satisfaction so complete that it leaves nothing else to be desired.

3. The psalmist says here he has received in the Lord everything to satisfy his heart.

For us as Christians our portion is found in a…

B. Person

1. Lamentations 3: 24 says; “The Lord is my portion says my soul, therefore I hope in Him.”

2. Psalm 16:5 tells us “O Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my up; You maintain my lot.”

3. My dear friend when you find Jesus as the person and your portion, you will find He is all you need.

4. Many times we find ourselves in a situation where all we have left is the Lord, and discover He is all we needed anyway.

Next notice the psalmist …

C. The Prayer

1. “I entreated Thy favour with my whole heart; be merciful unto me according to Thy Word.”

2. “Entreated” means to ask earnestly ask sincerely.

3. What he is saying here is he is asking sincerely with his whole heart.

4. The whole heart implies with his total being, with everything he is and has.

When the people of God are given to the Word of God, there will be a …

II. Commitment

 This is a word most people do no want to speak of, study on or talk about today.

 We live in a world where the lack of commitment is all around us.

 We say that we want the pleasures of marriage but when things don’t go my way, when I get tired of the commitment, I can get a divorce.

 I will join this church and stay here until the preacher makes me mad or until they start changing too many things, or until they ask me to get involved.

 But don’t ask me to commit my time, my talents or dear Lord not my money.

That’s my first rabbit

The Christian life my dear friend requires a commitment.

Notice on the psalmist…

A. Reflection

1. v. 59 “I thought on my ways…”

2. The first step in our commitment is to reflect or to think on our ways.

3. When we read the Word of God it should compel us to think about the way we are living.

Notice the psalmist

B. Repentance

1. “And turned my feet unto Thy testimonies”

2. Turn means to change direction.

3. I must again use this opportunity to say this, we cannot live a life for Christ and live the way we have always lived.

4. There must be a change.

5. This seems to tell us that the psalmist has not always loved the Word of God and has not always obeyed the Word of God.

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