Summary: When we do things the Lord’s way, relying on His strength, we can be assured of the victory in our lives.


JUDGES 4:4-16

Elder Clarence E. Weaver Sr.


I am a child of God, born of the Spirit of God, filled with the Spirit of God, and led by the Spirit of God. I listen to my heart as I look to my spirit inside me. I will educate, train, and develop my human spirit to the Word of God.


We all have mountains in our lives that we eventually have to face. In Judges 3:1-6 indicates that the Lord left large groups of the native peoples in Canaan to test the loyalty of the Israelites who had not fought in wars to control the land.

God also wanted the new generation of Israelites who had no previous battle experience to learn the art of warfare. The nations listed in these verse, would test the resolve of the Israelites to obey the Lord’s commands.

Regardless of your age or experience, God can use you to exercise leadership in your church and community for His glory. When we are faced with a dilemma, you should not go it alone. Even as leaders we can benefit from the advice of Pastors, teachers, Deacons (to name a few important people). God can use the input of significant others to steer you away from the harmful tendencies of others.

It never pays to rush into something without first praying and asking God to direct your path this will allow God to be on your side as you faced the mountains in your life.

The word "Cycle” means, An interval of time which a characteristic is repeated or a sequence of events occur. If ministry has taught me anything: Most people go through the same things over and over again. The key to breaking this vicious cycle is to understand it.

Ask yourself two questions as this message speaks to you:

(1) What am I repeating that I don’t want to?

(2) Where am I in this cycle?

I love this story about Deborah. Many people want to make this into a story about a woman. But I think it is a story about submitting to God and how to get

I. Deborah’s Command from God Judges 4:4-7, KJV

1. Deborah’s Work as a Judge: verse Judges 4:4-5

A. Deborah is the only woman leader mentioned in the Book of Judges who is also called a prophet. She is also one of a selected group of women in the Old Testament who are identified by that title. The others include Moses’ sister Miriam (Exodus 15:20), Hulda (2 Kings 22:14), possibly Isaiah’s wife (Isaiah 8:3), and Noadiah (Nehemiah 6:14). A prophet’s main duty was to be God’s mouthpiece, namely, to transmit His message to the people.

B. The tree where she regularly settled disputes later became know as the “Palm of Deborah.” The palm tree in Scripture is associated both with prosperity (Psalms 92:12) and leadership (Isaiah 9:14). She held court Between Ramah which Hebrew word is pronounce, raw-maw’ which means to betray (as if causing to fall): deceive or throw. And Bethel which Jacob named in (Genesis 28:19), which means a house of prayer.

In mount Ephraim which Hebrew mean to enunciate plainly, i.e. declare;-say, speak forth, utterance. Deborah name means short, to arrange or to use a figure of words to speak, to subdue answer, appoint, bid command, commune declare, destroy, give name, promise, pronounce, teach tell, think.

2. Deborah’s Summons for Barak: verses Judges 4:6-7

A. Deborah summon Barak, which means lighting or flashing sword, the son of Abinoam which means the father of pleasantness out of Kedesh which means consecrate, sanctify oneself.

Naphtali which means wrestle or struggle and said to him, The LORD (Yahweh), ordered him to take 10,000 men from the tribe of Naphtali.

Zubulun which means habitation. Barak was told to lead the way to Mount Tabor, a limestone peak which is 1,843 feet in elevation located in the northwest corner of the valley of Jezereel. Mount Tabor is steep and symmetrical in shape, with a rounded top.

B. Don’t let fear cause you to become disobedience.

We can imagine the dread that must have gripped Barak as he considered the divine summons related through Deborah. After all, the opposing forces were more powerful. In fact, from a human perspective the Canaanite foe was clear favorite in a battle against the Israelites. However, the all-powerful Lord would defend His people and enable them to gain a decisive victory over their oppressors. Without a doubt, God promise Barak that He would draw Sisera, with his powerful chariots and formidable troops, to the Kishon River.

II. Barak’s Victory through God Judges 4:8-16, KJV

1. Deborah’s Willingness to Accompany Barak: verses Judges 4:8-10

A. The Word of God is used to empower you to have a successful life. Despite the Lord’s assurance of victory, Barak refuse to lead the way to Mount Tabor unless Deborah accompanied him. Some see Barak’s timidity as a sign of cowardice. More likely, he was hoping Deborah’s presence as a prophetess would ensure success or enable him to have closer contact with the Lord for the important task.

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