Summary: This sermon is about the inexplicable love of God that surpasses all understanding.

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Introduction: I would like to share with you today the marvel of salvation. It is good that we visit the ancient occurrences of scriptures. God dealings with sinners in the past provide great knowledge of what we should expect from the Divine hand. God’s dealings with the first sinners (angels) should be of great importance to us. I find myself in awe concerning God’s great love for me; then and now. Each of us should take much time to daily ponder the love of God. I don’t know why we need programs and props to appreciate the love of God. Often, I see people wearied with the flesh and its desires appearing very nonchalant in worship. They come before God with sad countenances and disinterested spirits. They come and go through the church doors without the love of God melting their hearts. Praise and worship is not derived from verbal motivation or music; it is born of the Spirit of God indwelling our hearts. God commended His love toward us while we were yet sinners. The word of the text teaches us something about how God dealt with fallen angels versus fallen men. His dealings with angels are immensely revelatory about His love of human kind. He cast out fallen angels and He spared fallen men of His choice. None among the fallen angels were saved. Yet, many among fallen men are saved by the grace of God. Alleluia to the Lamb of God.

Let us consider tonight the greatness of the text:

The great warning of the text: (God spared not the angels)

The great wickedness: (angels sinned)

The great rejection: (God cast them)

The great Terror: (Cast down to hell)

The great arrest: (delivered them into chains of darkness)

The great verdict: (reserved unto judgment)

Nothing fallen angels could do to save themselves. Salvation must come from God and He alone. Consider the following:

• Their PREEMINENCE did not save them…(first created and first condemned)

• Their POSITION did not save them….(In God’s Holy presence)

• Their POWER did not save them…(Angels possess great power)

• Their PRUDENCE did not save them…(Wisdom didn’t keep them above)

• Their PLENTEOUSNESS did not save them…( they are innumerable, but they still fell)

• Their PROXIMITY did not save them…(They were not near a forbidden tree and yet fell)

• God’s PROVISION did not include them…(Divine Hand never reached for them)

My contention for praise and adoration: The angels were created before men and knew God longer. Yet He loved men enough to send His Son to rescue them from a burning hell. When the angels fell, He allowed them to fall. But when man fell He lifted him from the abyss of sin with His own blood. God gave to angels, no grace, no gospel, no bible, no preacher, no Savior no second chance, no hope and no space for repentance. Why did God pass up fallen angels and picked up fallen men? Some say that men were tempted and angels were not. But close study of scriptures will intimate that the first angel wasn’t but all thereafter was tempted by the first-fallen. (Lucifer) Fallen angel fell without the aid of the flesh (they had none) and fallen men fell because of the flesh. Angels sang and worshipped God first. But men because of His grace will worship Him forever. Fallen angels will hurt more because they knew the place from which they fell. Men never knew the beauty of the celestial sphere. Fallen men are through faith already seated in heavenly place in Christ Jesus. Herein is the great marvel of salvation; fallen angels cast God from their hearts and He cast them out of heaven. However; when fallen men cast God from their hearts, He came down from heaven to raise them to His Throne. Angels were cast down immediately and rebellious men are accepted by God’s grace often after many years. He spared not the angels but He spared men. The Spirit of God strove with men but there was no striving with angels. God has prepared mansions for men saved by grace and the same God has prepared a burning hell for the devil and fallen angels.

Conclusion: Here is a tremendous message to the broken hearted and all who suffer from low self esteem. The love of God is the great healer of the human heart. I remember as a kid; there was an old brass cross around the house and often I would pick it up and ponder the love of God. I had no idea during that time God was preparing me for something bigger. I later began to study His word and through Sunday school I began to learn about His love. Oh, that was only the beginning. Now that I know how closely akin I am to darkness apart from Him; I cannot help but praise Him for loving me. To know the immeasurable love of God is to rise above all sorts of inferiority and brokenness. His sacrificial blood makes us invaluable. It’s a value that no man can diminish. I am going to heaven one day because God loved me more than life. Glory to His Name!

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