Summary: God wants us to be humble and listen to His directions. But, pride can get in the way of our obedience.

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God Speaks to Us and Keeps us Humble

I. Introduction

II. The story of Naaman

a. Proud and powerful man, used to the good things in life

b. Tainted with leprosy, life changing experience

c. Looked to Elisha for help

d. Naaman was not treated as he expected

e. Submission to God restored his unclean body

III. God speaks to us in different ways

a. Expectations - direction is not always what we expect

b. Matrix example

c. Rest assured, God speaks to us

IV. God wants us to be humble, not haughty

a. Expectations - pride Inhibits following Christ’s directions

b. Illustration of the two ship captains

c. Pride results in our failure to submit to God

V. Conclusion 

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