Summary: A sermon on the Biblical description of God and what He does.

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God the Father Acts 17:22-25

INTRO.: Genesis 1:27 records these words, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." (NIV.)

I suppose a part of being created in the image of God is having the ability and urge to create. Other creatures are not creative. Only man. And ever since God created us in His image we humans have been trying to create God in our image.

Remember the movie "Oh God" starring George Burns in the role of a droll, practical joking God who made it rain inside a car? Or how about the "Joan of Arcadia" TV series that presented God as "someone just like us trying to make his way home on a bus"? My favorite was "Touched By an Angel," which showcased an invisible god called "The Father" who was represented by a stunningly beautiful angel named Monica and made everything work out just right.

Then there is "The Book of Daniel," NBC’s latest attempt to make God in our image. Pitiful!

Let us examine God as He has revealed Himself in the pages of His Word, the Bible.

I. How is God described in the Bible?

A. When Paul spoke to the Greek philosophers in Athens, he said, since we are the offspring of God we cannot represent Him with gold, silver, or stone. Acts 17:29. He is not material.

1. Jesus told the woman of Samaria "God is Spirit." Spirit is real and living, although invisible. John 1:24

2. Not an impersonal power or "Force." Spirit indicates personal, intelligent life. A personality.

3. Worship is contact between two spirits; the spirit of God and that of a man.

B. I John 1:5: "God is light." This relates to His character:

1. Darkness is sin, ignorance, injustice, and unrighteousness. There is none of this in Him.

2. God provides enlightenment for every aspect of our lives; physical and spiritual, temporal and eternal.

3. To put it simply, He shows us how He wants us to live out our lives.

4. Hence the warning of I John 1:6, 7. His people are not permitted to participated in the "fruitless deeds of darkness." Eph. 5:11

C. God is love: I John 4:8. This is His character and His main motivation for all He does.

1. Nature would not teach us this. The creation is cruel and unforgiving. The lion eats the Impala, the snake eats the mouse, disease ravages all species. Suffering on every hand.

2. ILLUS.: John 14:9. Jesus has revealed this aspect of God’s character. Cf. I Jn. 4:9

3. To know God is present in our lives, we must show His love to others.

D. Heb. 12:29 "our God is a consuming fire." We would be remiss if we do not warn people of the coming judgement of God.

1. This describes His attitude and destructive power against sin and disobedience.

2. There is a judgement coming on those who do not know God and obey the Gospel. II Thess. 1:7-9. Fire is connected with this judgement.

3. Jesus expressed God’s love when He came to earth the first time. The next time, He will express God’s wrath on the disobedient.

II. What does God do? ILLUS.: Richland Center Wisconsin has a warehouse which is reported to be the first work of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Just a brick warehouse. Near Somerset PA is the famous Kaufman mansion at Falling Waters, another Wright creation. They have little in common, but to an expert, the hand of Frank Lloyd Wright is obvious. Just so, we can see God in what He does, as well. Rom. 1:20

A. We see God’s hand in creation: Gen. 1:1, 2

1. There was a beginning. Things have not always been as they are. All science seems to agree on this.

2. There was, therefore, an originating cause. No one doubts this. It is common sense.

3. Faith takes over when we seek to know that originating cause. Heb. 11:3

4. Colossians 1:16, 17 names Christ as God’s agent in creation. It was by the power of His Word God created the worlds out of nothing.

B. We see it in providence. His is the hand that holds all things together. Col. 1:17

1. When the sun rises and sets. When it rains and grass grows, when a baby is born or your body is healed of disease, God is at work.

2. He rules and sustains the universe, yet, He has time to note the fall of a sparrow and number the hairs on your head. He cares for you.

3. He makes the plans, all of them, and He makes things happen according to His will.

C. He alone is able to work the work of redemption:

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