3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Limited objects fulfill their purpose by following absolute rules provided to them by their designer.

Let’s turn to Genesis 2, Genesis 2, Genesis 2. Yes we’re gonna continue from last week. Too bad for our, too bad for our San Diego State basketball team. They lost. They had a great run but they lost. I still love em. Yep-yep-yep-yes. Let’s pray. Chargers lost too.

Lord thank you so much for your faithfulness. Thank you for your word and we pray you bless us today and teach us today. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Amen.

Um I was playing pool this week, billiards and I set the balls up, put em in the rack, broke the balls and a ball went in every pocket. We had 6 balls go in on the break. Now you know this is not a true story. So then I went to hit the, hit the 3 in, hit the 3 in and before I hit it in it bounced off the 5 and they both went in. And then I went to go hit the 7 and the cue ball said – Hold up, hold up, hold up. It said – This hitting us against each other is not working out anymore. You know we don’t, we don’t really like you banging us into each other. And then the 7 ball said – That’s right. I’m getting a headache. You keep hitting us against each other and you know and then we got to go in the pocket and fall on each other and then all the balls in the pockets are like – Yeah we agree. We don’t like being in these pockets. We just want to roll around on the green felt and bounce off the nice bumpers. Can you just roll us into the holes without us having to touch each other. And then the cue stick, the pool stick said – Yeah man I got a headache from hitting me against right on top of my head, right here against all the balls. And I’m sitting there thinking and listening to all these balls talk to me and I said – Fellas you don’t have any right to tell me how to play pool. You didn’t create pool, someone else created pool. We made you for this purpose. So all you need to do is just do what you’re told and everything will be fine.

As we continue our series called Who is God? everyone say who is God, we’ve been using this living room and now a pool table as a metaphor to teach us about God and creation and the proof of the existence of God. What we’ve learned is that this living room is a limited object or a created object. It’s limited because it didn’t begin itself. It was began by someone else. And what we learned is that because it’s a limited object it had a first cause. It didn’t cause itself. I think we all agreed a few weeks ago that there’s no way this living room put itself there so it’s caused. Everyone say caused, say created. Same thing. So someone had to create it. So we all, so we saw that 1-Limited objects are caused or created by someone else just like the pool table.

Then we saw that the living room was also designed, say designed. So limited objects are caused by something. Then the living room we also saw and agreed that it was designed by something. The TV was designed. It has a rectangle frame with a screen and it has an ability to make pictures come off on the screen and sound. We have a couch back there. It was designed so you can sit on it with cushions and it’s about the height of when you bend your knees at 90 degrees etc. We have a clock that was designed to tell you time. So we saw that limited objects like this living room, like a pool table, like your clothes, like this building are not only created or caused but they are designed by someone. Then we also saw that because they were designed that they have a purpose and the only place they can get their purpose is from the person that designed it because the purpose is to fulfill the purpose of the design.

And then last week we saw that if a, if a limited object is caused by someone and it is designed by that same someone and the purpose is to fulfill the design who determines the rules that it’s supposed to be used by? Who determines the rules that determine how it’s operated? Who determines the rules on how to use a television? The person who designed the television. Who determines the rules on how to use a clock? The person who designed the clock. Who determines the rules on how to use a couch? The person who designed the couch. Who determines the rules on how you play pool? The person who designed the game of pool.

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