Summary: This is a study that shows the wonderful works of the Holy Spirit.


TEXT: John 16:7-15;

cf.John 14:15-26 W. Max Alderman

INTRODUCTION: In a most solemn statement the One who cannot lie said: “I tell you the truth”. Jesus knows how prone we are to doubting when He speaks such as this… He then gives valuable information on the works of the Holy Spirit. In this study, may we richly learn valuable truths about the third Person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit, who is also known as the Comforter?

Symbols of the Holy Spirit as a supplement to this study:

1. Water: Isaiah 44:3; Ezekiel 36:25-27; John 7:38, 39; 4:14;

Ephesians 5:26; Revelation 22:17

Water is known for its Cleansing, reviving, satisfying, fertilizing, freeness

and abundance.

2. Fire: Exodus 13:21; Psalms 78:14; Isaiah 4:4; Malachi 3:3, 4;

Matthew 3:11; Hebrews 12:24; Acts 2; 3:6-11

Fire warms, energizes, purifies, illuminates, consumes, spreads.

3. Wind: 2 Kings 19:11; Ezekiel 37:9; John 3:8; Acts 2:2

Wind empowers, refreshes, is independent and invisible.

4. Oil: Isaiah 61:1, 3; Hebrews 1:9; 1 John 2:20, 27

Oil Consecrates, comforts, heals.

5. Rain: dew. Psalms 68:9; 72:6; Isaiah 32:15; Hosea 6:3; 10:12; 14:5

6. Dove: Genesis 1:2 ("moved on" = "brooded over" or "fluttered," Heb.);

Matthew 3:16


A. Because of the Concerns of Christ… (V. 7a)

Within the economy of God, there is the work of the Father, the work of the Son and the work of the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ was to finish His earthly work and then return to heaven to offer the sacrifice of His precious blood, as the Priest of the Most High, and then begin His work as our Advocate. It was to our advantage that the Holy Spirit descends and becomes our comforter. If the Lord did not return and send the Holy Spirit, He would have been limited by having a body. The Holy Spirit can be everywhere at once! This is certainly to our advantage…

B. Because of the Commission of Christ… (V. 7b)

Christ sent the Holy Spirit to work in His stead to accomplish the following, as so ably stated by the old student of Scripture Thomas Whitelaw. May these five truths clarify the work of the Holy Spirit…

1. To make His presence nearer

2. To make His Godhead clearer

3. To make His Salvation surer

4. To make His Church richer

5. To make His heaven dearer (Thomas Whitelaw)


A. He Does A Work Because of Sin… (Vv. 8-9)

Matthew Henry gave five things that the Holy Spirit does as He convicts or convinces the sinner as it pertains to his sin and sinning.

1. The Spirit convicts or convinces of the fact of sin.

2. The Spirit convinces of the fault of sin.

3. The Spirit convinces of the folly of sin (that we have acted against right reason and our true interest.)

4. The Spirit convinces of the filth of sin.

5. The Spirit convinces of the fountain of sin (that being our corrupt nature). (Matthew Henry)

B. He Does A Work Because of Salvation… (V. 10)

(By showing us the righteousness of Christ) The sanctification work of the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary for one’s salvation.

C. He Does A Work Because of Satan… (Vv. 11-12)


A. He Came to Reveal Truth for Practical Help… (13a)

“he will guide you into all truth” (V. 13a)

B. He Came to Reveal Truth for Prophetic Help… (13b.)

“He will shew you things to come” (V. 13b)

Of course, the Lord does this for us through the Scriptures. He gives us the Word and then teaches us “all things”.

C. He Came to Reveal Truth for Positional Help… (V. 14)

Our strength and position in Christ are all made possible by the Holy Spirit both indwelling us and filling us. The first has to do with salvation and the latter has to do with service…

CONCLUSION: People on the earth would never know about sin, righteousness and judgment if it were not for the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

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