Summary: God uses whom He chooses

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Here is a story about a boy…. About 12 or 13 years of age. Born in 640 b.c. – son of a preacher – called by God to be a prophet. Just a kid… just a child…just a boy sent to do a man’s job.

Jerimiah, called out during a nationwide revival. Jerimiah, called under the reing of King Josiah who had all the pagan God’s destroyed. In 627 BC this boy – this teenager – this kid heard the voice of God call him out from the crowd, to do an unusual thing for an extraordinary God. Jerimiah of course responded like not just a teen would, but as most of us would..with an excuse with a line of reasoning…trying to at least sound rational. “Look God, I’m just a kid, and this is a man’s job.” “Who’s gonna listen to what I have to say.” “Who’s going to respond to what I have to say.” “Surely you could find somebody else more suited, more qualified for this job.” “After all, I’m just a boy, you calling to do a man’s job.”

Oft times in life we get it twisted and think God’s design for our lives ought to line up with our thinking, with our skill, with our own goals. We exclaim and explain to God what we could or should do. We even have the audacity to inform Him of what we cannot do…despite the fact we quote Paul frequently and say “I can do all things….”

But God wanted a preacher to stop by and tell somebody, just like He told Jeremiah, I know who you are, and I know what you are, but it is because of who I am that you can do and will do bigger and greater things…!

Because the scripture says that God touched the mouth of Jeremiah and poured the words into Him. God will supply the need for the deed!

When I read the story about Jeremiah, it made me laugh and I politely thanked the Ghost called Holy for dropping Jeremiah into my spirit as soon as Pastor Pierce asked me to preach his appreciation service.

I began to look at his ministry…. A son of a preacher…called to preach as a teenager….. and though he ain’t a kid no more…he pastor’s a congregation that could in most cases be his parents…. And if we were honest we would admit that it is hard to lead those who feel they have earned specific rights simply because they are older. You know how us folk get…. “How can a kid tell me …he or she is just a kid trying to do a grownup’s job.” “They better recognize who they talking to …messing with….dealing with….cuz I am the dimdiggiddy!” I know that it’s hard… many of the members here watched me grow up and to date call me wana wana, or Jr’s daughter or Evelyn’s oldest grandchild and I’m twenty years your senior and still considered a kid, I could only imagine your struggle – but God told me to stop by and tell you and anyone else who is bold enough to believe that God can use who He chooses…. He don’t use what is ordinarily used because the results would not be all that amazing. But when God chooses to use something contrary to belief and normalicy, He is able to receive glory for the outcome cuz everybody’s response will be…”LOOK AT GOD!”

Look at how God uses unusual things…. To change the heart of Jonah --- he used a whale….

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