Summary: God uses the nobodies, the smallest and the least in this world who are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to promote them.

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Let me start with the story of Mother Theresa.

According to her website, she was called the pillar of compassion, a voice for the poor and a modern-day saint.

Mother Teresa was recently declared as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church because of her service for the poor.

Do you know that she started as a missionary teaching geography in a High school in Calcutta?

Then, one day, while recovering from tuberculosis, she received an unmistakable request from the Lord to live and work among the poorest of the poor.

Despite not knowing where or how she would accomplish God's order, she obeyed the call.

Then, with several of her former students at her side, she set out to minister to its people, from making house calls to sick residents to gathering those abandoned and suffering in the streets.

It wasn't long before her efforts of seeking Christ in those that the world had forgotten, that she had finally attracted the world's attention.

People were beginning to listen.

As her mission progressed in an age of material wealth and industrialism, Mother Teresa and her missionaries of Charity would go on to open up the eyes of the world to the importance of living simply, loving gently and the looming threat of spiritual poverty.

Do you also know that in the early years of her ministry in the poverty stricken streets of India, Mother Theresa and her small band of fellow nuns survived on a minimal income and minimal food for many years?

It was a great sacrifice, but they continued slowly and with much patience and perseverance because they knew they were called by God to do just that.

However, after many years, their efforts with the poorest were noted and appreciated by the local community and the Indian politicians.

In 1952, she opened her first home for the dying, which allowed people to die with dignity.

Mother Theresa often spent time with those who were dying.

But over time, the work grew and God worked through her.

Missions were started overseas, and by 2013, there are 700 missions operating in over 130 countries.

The scope of their work also expanded to include orphanages, and hospices for those with terminal illness.

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." She said, many years later.

You see, God does not take the majority of His workers from the ranks of the wise, the mighty or the noble.

God uses the nobodies, the smallest and the least in this world who are willing to sacrifice in order to promote them.

1 Corinthians 1:26(NIV) 26 Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth."

God wants us to think of who we were before.

It is said that NOT many of us were wise by human standards.

Not many of us were influential in this world.

Not many of us were of noble birth.

But in spite of our humble beginnings, God still chose us for a great purpose.

God has taken control of us and molded us into His image to make us who we are right now.

God wanted to teach us that He can use the nobody's in this world just like you and me to become somebody.

He wanted to teach us that the power belongs to Him only and not from us.

You see, God does not want to use those who are already superstars and influential in this world.

These superstars are very difficult to teach simple lessons of obedience and faith.

But those who are nobody's.

Those who are weak.

Those who are considered least and smallest in the family, they are the ones who are special to God.

Because these men and women have the hearts to say, "Lord, I am a nobody. I am nothing without You. Will you use me?"

When God finds such a willing heart, something extraordinary happens within - that person who is a nobody is thereby promoted to the ranks of God's nobility.

That is what happened to Saul, the first King of Israel.

He was a nobody - coming from the smallest tribe of Israel.

His clan is the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin.

Yet, God was able to give him a great future.

God chose him to be the very first King of Israel.

And God can use you as well if you allow Him and if you start your ministry with a good heart.

How does God use the nobody's in this world in order to make them to be somebody's?

He tests them, He evaluates them and then, he affirms his love for them.

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