Summary: The Faith and willingness of Rahab to be used by God!

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Joshua 1 & 2

God sometimes uses people that you wouldn’t think

That He would use – LIKE ME!!!

OR someone that you think is not a Saint!!!!

I guess if you are already good in the eyes of the Lord

Then you couldn’t be the witness He sometimes looks for!

After Moses Died - God already had someone ready to take his place – Who already had the knowledge

that Moses had, of the Conquest of Canaan by the


JOSHUA was the son of NUN

Born with the Name Hoshea but Re – names by Moses

Joshua was Moses’ field commander and

Personal aide and was also a Spirit filled Disciple

Of Moses

He followed Moses up the mountain to receive the

Torah in the 24th chapter of Exodus!!!!

And acted as A believing, Courageous Spy Along

With Caleb in the 14th Chapter of Numbers.

As Israels New Leader after Moses He functioned

As a military commander in taking the Land of

Cannan and Administrator in allotting the land.

The Israelites were still camping on the East

Side of the Jordan River when the Lord appeared to Joshua

With A message.

He was commanded to lead the Children of Israel across the Jordan Immediately – and conquer the land

Which had been promised to their Fathers

The Lord outlined the extent of the land which had been set aside for Israel from North to South Starting at the great Euphrates River – to the Borders of the land of Edom and Moab toward Egypt.

From East to West starting at the Syrian desert to the

Mediterranean Sea – This territory consisted of many

Different types of soil and vegetation

It was beautiful Mountains – Fertile Plains and Valleys

It had Rivers and Lakes – Wide Forests

And just un-limited Natural Resources

And all this was to be conquered and would be

The permanent Home of a great Nation.

Leviticus 20:24 Says

But I have said unto you, ye shall inherit their land, and I will give it unto you to possess it. A Land that

Floweth with Milk and Honey.

The entire area except for a part East of the Jordan River

Had already been taken from the Amorites, Ammonites and the Midianites – which was then held by some various

Heathen Tribes

It was not held by one united people nor ruled by

One King

There were several small nations occupying

Different sections of the country and each one

Was ruled by its Own King

These Little Tribal Nations were almost always engaged

In Wars amongst themselves

So this made Joshua

S Job much easier

Since there was no probability of Opposition cause these tribes hated one another

The Lord not only commanded Joshua to conquer the Entire Land but Assured him of His mighty presense


So Joshua let the people depart

Every Man unto His Inheritance

The Lord urged Joshua to be Strong and have good courage

And have confidence of a Large Victory and success

The Laws given by Moses were to be read constantly – and to be carefully Obeyed by Joshua and the Israelites

The duties of Religion must never be neglected


The Lord warned Joshua and all the people that they

Must remain loyal, Faithful, and Obedient to God

And his teachings

And true religion must always hold a place in

the hearts of their country


The Lord shall cause thine Enemies that

Rise up against thee to be smitten before thy

Face: they shall come out against thee one way

And flee before thee Seven Ways

The war that Joshua was starting against these little

Heathen tribes was gonna be like the Orkin man on a Bug!

These people had defied our God!

They had worshipped false gods and idols

They were of the lowest forms of wickedness

And there was no hope of civil or Moral Re-Form

They were to be completely Destroyed

This was Gods Will!!!

And was ordered to Joshua and all of Israel!!!


I will send my fear before thee, and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come, and I will make all thine enemies turn their backs unto thee.

Any failure to carry out these orders would result

In punishment from God!!!


BE content with such things as ye have for

He hath said:

I will never leave thee, Nor Forsake thee!!

So we may boldly say

The Lord is my helper – and I will not fear what Man

Shall do unto me!!

After full directions from God Joshua sent his

Officers through the camps of Israel to prepare

The People for their New Venture

Joshua said we will begin our march against Cannanites

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