Summary: He is the God of Second Chances & more. (not just a New Year’s Sermon. It can be preached anytime.)

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Dec. 30. 2007 Sunday AM

Southside Assembly of God


I love play Golf. I’m going to take my truck to south Houston soon and get some new seats put in, as part of my purchase deal, and a friend of mine told me he would come and get me and we would go play 18 holes of Golf.

My mom called me the other day and told me something Rick Warren had said on TV that she thought was funny! She told me Rick Warren said, “GOD WANTS TO GIVE YOU A MULLIGAN!” It is funny! To a non Golfer is sounds silly and stupid and funny but to a “Golfer” it is a “lifesaver in a tough game!”

Now I know that there are few Golfers in this crowd this morning. Bro. Rob golfs and I, well I wouldn’t call it golfing but I do like to get out and swing my sticks at a little ball once in a while.

While I served as Assistant District Youth Director we used to put together Golf Tournaments. One of the things we did was to incorporate in the game a “MULLIGAN” on the front nine and one on the back nine.

One year we got the idea to add to the Tournament a few extra “MULLIGANS” except we didn’t call them “MULLIGANS” we called them a “HOOLIGAN” a "DO-AGAIN" "ONE MORE TIME AGAIN" & a “GILLIGAN!” So everybody was happy to be able to have a few of them.

For those of you who don’t know what a “MULLIGAN” or a “HOOLIGAN” or even a “GILLIGAN” is, it is very simple. It is a “DO-OVER!” You get a “DO-OVER” in the game of golf once in a while.

Rich Warren said, “GOD WANTS TO GIVE YOU A MULLIGAN!” That is in essence what we do every year at this time when we make New Year’s Resolutions. Every year I talk about New Year Resolutions that we all make and you know as well as I do that we hardly ever keep them! We start out well and with good intentions but we don’t follow through the New Year Resolutions and they fall by the wayside.

The same thing happens with God! “GOD WANTS TO GIVE YOU A MULLIGAN OR A DO-OVER!” A chance for Change! That’s what a Resolution is! It is a Resolution for Change! But without follow through it doesn’t happen!

One of the most important things about Golf is the “FOLLOW THROUGH!” I have with me up here my set of clubs. They are a motley looking set but they serve me well when I play, which is seldom because of time restraints! But one of my resolutions this year is to PLAY SOME GOLF!

The “FOLLOW THROUGH” in Golf is critical! When I take this club and swing it, if I only swing half way, or even 2/3’s the way, my game suffers because I didn’t follow through and then I have to take a “MULLIGAN, HOOLIGAN or a GILLIGAN!” I GET A “DO-OVER!”

Rich Warren said, “GOD WANTS TO GIVE YOU A MULLIGAN!” God even says that in His Holy Scripture as well! Read with in me in...

Isaiah 43:19 (one of my favorite passages as well)

“Behold I do a new thing!”

As we enter 2008 God’s desire is to do a “NEW THING” in our hearts, in our spirits, in our families and in our Church! We start revival next week! I felt the God leading me in this direction! It’s like a NEW START for a NEW YEAR! We need a NEW START as we START A NEW YEAR!

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