Summary: God will test our faith to grow our faith!

Let’s worship of our Almighty Creator God by continuing to learn from the Book of Judges; please open your Bibles to Judges 7…….

As a background for Judges 7, we have noted in Judges 6:

a. Israel again worshiped pagan gods so God disciplined them by being enslaved by the Midianites.

b. God called young Gideon to save Israel! But we noted….

- Gideon questioned God and tested God!

- Gideon had many fears including his weaknesses and how the world would treat him.

- Gideon grew in his faith and worshiped and obeyed God!

c. God didn’t give up on Gideon and gave many promises!

v12… v14… v16…. v18…. v23….

d. God orchestrated the battle to win!

Can you and I see ourselves like Gideon? Christians are called by God to be victorious but we question and test God; we have many fears; we often focus on our weaknesses; we fear the world! And so…..

Like Gideon we must learn to grow our faith in God to be victorious, for Almighty God is with us always! God tells us “If God is for you, who can be against you!”

Back to the Book of Judges, everything was set for Gideon and Israel to be victorious! Let’s read what happened next….

Read along with me no Judges 7…..

v1: Under Gideon’s leadership the Israel Army (32000 soldiers) was ready to fight against an army as many as locusts!

But what did God do??

v2-7: God tested Gideon to trust God alone and ….. what else?

God knew that Israel would boast if they did it their way! God always deserve the honor!


- Gideon obeyed!

- God again gave the promise of victory!

- God knew that Gideon still had fears and so encouraged him and not be alone!

v12: The enemies of God were plenty!

Now, what would you say is significant about v13-14??

Gideon heard that the enemy knew God Himself was fighting for Gideon and Israel!

And so,

v15-20: Gideon was encouraged, worshiped God, and obeyed in attacking the huge army of the enemy with only 300 men!!

Now, how would the Israelites know, as well as us today, that it was God who provided victory??

God caused the Midianites to fight against each other!

v21-22: God called on the Israelites to do their part but God performed a miracle for the victory!

v23-25? God’s victory united Israel!!

Let’s note the major Biblical Principles for us to apply to our lives today.


1. Like Gideon we must learn to grow our faith in God to be victorious!

How do we grow our faith in God??

Let us commit to growing our faith:

- study God’s Word daily and do what God says

- Pray continuously

- Give thanks and Worship always

2. We are to be ready to fight the battles God places in front of us BUT we must always listen and depend on Him! Note again John 6:14…. God will never ask us to do something we are not capable of doing!!

3. Always ask, “Am I really doing this for God’s Glory?” Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, “Am I honoring the Lord Jesus Christ?” Gideon and his army at first were ready to fight on their own for their own glory; God always deserve all the glory but God desires us to “team” with Him! PTL!!

4. The world can know that there is a God but will still refuse to follow! the world will answer to God; there is no need for us to please the world!!

5. We are to do our part as instructed by God and expect God’s miracles!

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