Summary: People sometimes need to experience God, with skin on.

God with Skin on


"Comfort, oh comfort my people," says your God.

While I understand that this passage is talking about God’s People Israel, or Jerusalem to be more exact, I think it behoves us to also look at it in light of the Golden Rule. We are

all God’s people, some have just accepted Him as Saviour, some as Lord and some not at all.

But should we treat any of them different?

There is a song I remember from my childhood that says, "just to be His hands extended." I find

no where in the Word of God that we are to pick and chose who this applies to. After all

we know that we should help God’s people, our fellow brother and sister in the Lord. James tells

us that. Jesus himself teaches to take the Gospel to the lost, and Paul tells us to be kind to strangers as much we may be entertaining angels unaware.

There are many things that this world needs, but most of all it need God. Those hurting people

that you come in contact with today don’t need another sermon. I think sometimes what they need, what we need, is for some one, some church, some ministry to be God with Skin On! The hurting want to know some one cares about them. A recent report on ABC World

News talked about the important of "touch" to a child. Babies that were touched often were healthier,

happier, more alert babies. The baby needed to be touched.

There are those today, the hurting, that just want some one to reach out and touch them. To be God with Skin on.

Higher Dimensions Church wants to take this to heart and be just that, God with Skin on.

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