Summary: There are many blessing that comes from allowing God to guide your life. As a bonus, it will also be an adventure!


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• Today we are at the beginning of the end of our journey with the Israelites as God has been delivering them to the Promised Land.

• Have you ever been given instructions that you thought were just crazy?

• Have you ever had a boss tell you to do something a certain way; but instead of listening, you thought your idea was better?

• Then, you did the task your way, only to find out that your way, though seemingly easier was not the best way.

• Later, you found out that had you had more information, you would have understood why your boss asked you to carry out the task the way he did.

• In this point in our narrative, Pharaoh has let the people leave Egypt.

• Now for the first time in 430 years, the nation is on the path to freedom.

• Now will come the real test for the nation, will they accept God's guidance, or will the fight God each step of the way?

• When you consider the path of your life, have you been one who has been open to allowing God to give you guidance, or are you one of those who believes that you are blazing your own trial and walking your own path?

• For the Israelites, they will soon come to realize that even though free, they still need guidance in life.

• One of the things we need to understand about life is the fact that God wants to give you guidance.

• The reason for this is the fact that God is sovereign, He knows what is best for you and what the best path is for your life.

• When is it all said and done today, I hope that we can see that God is sovereign over our lives, in the big things and the small?

• We need to understand that we can have real peace in life when we trust that God is in charge.

• Let’s being by turning to Exodus 13:17-19

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Exodus 13:17–19 (CSB) — 17 When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them along the road to the land of the Philistines, even though it was nearby; for God said, “The people will change their minds and return to Egypt if they face war.” 18 So he led the people around toward the Red Sea along the road of the wilderness. And the Israelites left the land of Egypt in battle formation. 19 Moses took the bones of Joseph with him because Joseph had made the Israelites swear a solemn oath, saying, "God will certainly come to your aid; then you must take my bones with you from this place."

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I. God’s guidance: Is not always the easy route.

• The Israelites are making their way out of the city of Rameses with the loot that God allowed them to take.

• It was time to head to the Promised Land!

• These folks needed guidance, and God was prepared to give it to them.

• But there is going to be a small catch.

• 17 When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them along the road to the land of the Philistines, even though it was nearby; …

• Sometimes it is easy to think that if God is guiding us, it will be easy peasy.

• Life will be easy; the path will be the shortest path from point A to point B.



• There was a road that would have looked easy for the nation to follow right into the Promised Land; however, God was going to guide them in a different direction.

• Have you ever thought that if God were guiding you, the path would be quick and easy?

• If I were in the sandals of the Israelites, I would assume that since God freed me from those nasty Egyptians, that we would be in the Promised Land in no time at all!

• I cannot tell you how many times I have been frustrated by God when I ask for guidance in the area, like patience. ?

• You know where I am going with this, don't you?

• When I ask for patience, I WANT IT NOW!


• I mean really, I do not want to LEARN patience, I WANT you to GIVE it to me NOW!

• DO you feel me! ?


• Anyway, one of the things we need to grasp concerning God’s guidance is that God does not always take us down the quick and easy route!

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