Summary: 2 of 3. The apostle John demonstrated that Jesus is the perfect expression of God to man. Why does God express Himself to mankind thru Jesus? God’s perfect expression to mankind is...

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Sandbars along Hwy 98 near Eastpoint, FL/People can wade ?nearly 100 yds? into the Apalachicola Bay on sandbars/Tide, River, Ocean, Winds, etc. sculpt the sandbars/The sandbars are the Perfect Expression of the water’s movement & power.

Likewise, Jesus is God’s Perfect Expression of Himself to mankind.


The apostle John demonstrated that Jesus is the perfect expression of God to man.

God perfectly expresses Himself to mankind thru Jesus.

Why does God express Himself to mankind thru Jesus?

Thru God’s perfect manifestation, He submits Himself to your ability to know & apprehend these truths.

*6 capacities/governors of God’s Perfect Expression/Manifestation.

John shares with his audience, the intricacies of Jesus’ Divine nature as experienced thru/by humanity. These truths are stated thusly so we will recognize Jesus as the Christ & Son of God. It is the introduction to reaching John’s overall purpose for writing, as stated in 20:31—“but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, & that believing you may have life in His name.”

Previously we found that...God’s perfect expression to mankind is...

1. ETERNAL(:1a-b)

2. COLLABORATIVE/Works hand-in-hand(:1b-2)

3. COEQUAL(:1c)

4—God’s perfect expression to mankind is...



:3—“All things were made through Him, & without Him nothing was made that was made.”

“All things” includes every reality with the exception of God, as “all things” “were made” by/thru the handiwork/achievement/instrumentation of the Word. Thru His agency, with the Father & Spirit alone, all things came into being. Apart from the agency of the Word, there neither was nor could have been any creative event or process.

So by this Word(of God) was fulfilled/accomplished the very creation of every single created thing.

We also must remember that “...God saw everything that He had made, & indeed it was very good...”—Gen. 1:31

“All things”—pav—Adj.—1) individually—1a) Each, every, any, all, the whole, everyone, all things, everything; 2) collectively—2a) Some of all types. Strong—apparently a primary word; All, any, every, the whole.

“Made/Came into being”3X—ginomai—1) To become, i.e. To come into existence, begin to be, receive being; 2) To become, i.e. to come to pass, happen; 3) To arise, appear in history, come upon the stage; 4) To be made, finished—4a) of miracles--To be performed, wrought; 5) To become, be made. Strong–To cause to be ("gen"-erate), i.e. reflexively--To become(come into being), used with great latitude(literal, figurative, intensive, etc.).

**“Second aorist middle indicative of ginomai, the constative aorist covering the creative activity looked at as one event in contrast with the continuous existence of hn in verses 1, 2.”...“Creation is thus presented as a becoming (ginomai) in contrast with being (eimi).”—RWP

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