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Summary: God’s number one purpose in my life is to make me like Jesus.

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Question: What is God’s Purpose for my Life?

1) God’s Promise. Vs. 28

What doesn’t this verse say?

What does this verse say?

Key: God has a great way of bringing good out of bad.

2) God’s Purpose. Vs. 29

Genesis 1:26-27

Key: God’s number one purpose in my life is to make me like Jesus.

Question: How does God do it then?

His Word. John 17:17

And in Circumstances. James 1:2-4

Key: God’s ideal way for you to grow in Christ is through His word.

3) God’s Process. Vs. 29-30

Five Ways:

Foreknowledge—Vs. 29 “those God foreknew.” (NIV)

Predestined—Vs. 29 “…foreknew He also predestined.” (NIV)

Called—Vs. 30 “He predestined, He also called;” (NIV)

Justified—Vs. 30 “He also justified…” (NIV)

Glorified—Vs. 30 “He also glorified…” (NIV)

4) Our Response to God’s Purpose. Vs. 31

Truth: Our attitude is key in our response to God.

Trust—Psalm 37:1-5

Submission—James 4:7

Contentment—1 Timothy 6:6-8

Thankfulness—1 Thessalonians 5:18

Praise—Philippians 4:4

And a Teachable Spirit—Not Why? But What?

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