Summary: The testimony of God for us is simple: 1) He has given us eternal life; 2) this life is in his Son. As we live, we must be willing to always remember this and share it with others as often as we can.

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God’s Testimony for Us

1 John Bible Study, Part 12

1 John 5:1-12


- v19 … We love because He first loved us: especially when we were unlovable

-- It is God who made our relationship with Him possible

-- We had absolutely nothing to do with it – we weren’t even consulted

-- He knew we had a void that needed filling …. And He provided the way

- If we claim to love – yet live with hatred ... what we are is … liars!

-- It’s the most vivid word picture we can see reflected in life today

-- Say “I love you” to your face; “I hate him/her” to someone else about them

- It’s difficult to prove our love for God based solely on our actions

-- Primarily because … we cannot see Him and see His reaction

-- But, our love for God IS reflected in how we treat those He loves (Jn 3:16)

-- IMP: Whoever loves God must love unconditionally those that He loves

- Read 1 John 5:1-12 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – Keep God’s Commands

- John begins to close his epistle by once again reminding us of who we are

-- One who believes in Jesus as their Lord is born of God; but there’s an add on

-- Everyone who belongs to God also loves His child as well (v1)

- Each of us may love someone; and that love could be of another Christian

-- But here Paul reminds that we will love all who are God’s child

- Genesis 1:27, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

-- If all are created in the image of God, then all created belong to Him

-- Therefore, all are considered His children, worthy of our love for them as well

-- This does not mean all are saved; but that all deserve to receive love as well

- This is why his view has been so strong throughout this letter about love

-- We are to love those who are God’s but also those refuse God’s love as well

- V3, “In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands.”

-- APP: How do we love God? We do what He says we should do, period

- Love God, Love People is perfectly demonstrated here

-- If we will love God (first), then we can love His people as He loves them

-- FACT: We may not love perfectly … but can certainly try to love all!

-- This reminder of love is critical in not only loving others

- TRANS: It also holds true in how we love ourselves – re-read v4-5

∆ Point 2 – Christ has overcome

- Some see their weakness and sin to mean their victory is incomplete

-- As if, because they have struggles, Jesus’ death must have not been enough

-- Most, if honest, will think they are the only ones who suffer with “x” sin

- This could not be farthest from the truth, and it’s where John lands here

- First, what God has said for us to do is not burdensome

-- Following God is often not the easy road in life; but what is ever easy?

-- Most would rather disobey God and ignore the consequences of sin

-- APP: But John encourages us to understand who we are in Christ!

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