Summary: what makes a good godly society?

How would you define society??

When did society start??

Turn with me briefly to Genesis 4:1-5….

Society is God ordained, for people are called to live with each other; but society can be good or bad, why??

And so, what makes a good society??

Let’s read Joshua 1:10-18 and note what we can learn from a good godly society……

First of all, based on what we noted last week from the beginning of Joshua 1, how does a good godly society start??

v1-9: A good godly society must begin with God calling a godly leader!

A good godly society will listen to God’s instructions!

And based on v10-11, what must a good godly leader do??

v10: A godly society will have a good Godly leader who appoints officers to lead people to godly actions!

v11: Godly actions are based on God’s instructions!

And what was the main thing that godly leader Joshua do in v12-15??

v12-15: A good godly leader must remind the people God’s Word!

And of course, a good godly society will not happen unless the people respond and take actions! There are at least 4 things to note in v16-18 that people did??

a. Made a commitment to follow their godly leader!

b. Kept their leader accountable!

c. Prepared to take action if necessary!

And do you remember why God kept telling Joshua over and over to be strong and courageous??

God was encouraging Joshua with the work he was called to do!! And so, the people did the same for Joshua! d. encouraged their leader as God did!

Do we desire a good godly society today?

1. What’s the first thing that our society needs??

Our society needs to believe and trust in the God of the Bible!

As Christians, what’s our role in this??

- Live out God’s presence

- Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

2. Based on what Joshua did, what are we to look for in leaders??

- One who will appoint other godly leaders

- Will remind us of God’s Word

- Instructs people to take action based on God’s Word

3. Like the Israelites, we must do our good godly actions for our society.

I know what you’re thinking…. How can we do good godly actions when the majority of our society is corrupt?

The answer, we must start at home!

4. A good godly society starts at home and in our church!

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