Summary: God ordains the position of motherhood. Always remember that God is with you, no matter the circumstance because He is faithful … and He will never let you down!

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Godly Wisdom for Mother’s

Proverbs 1:8-9; 2 Timothy 1:3-6


- Mother’s Day is always the time when:

-- We remember to get the cards in the mail

-- We order the flowers/gifts for our moms

-- We try to take it easy on Mom during this day (or at least we should)

- Whether it is breakfast in bed or not having her cook dinner

-- Mother’s Day should always be remembered as something special

-- Even today, mothers who try to remain faithful STILL fight obstacles

- This morning I want to admit and profess that God loves mothers

-- He ordains their ministry over their families because it is His will

- Motherhood is one of the finest expressions of love and faith we have

- Read Proverbs 1:8-9

- Pray

∆ Point 1 – Wisdom from Solomon

- Children are required to do two things here:

• Listen to their father’s instruction, and,

• Do not forsake their mother’s teaching

- For most (not all), Dad is an integral part of the home life

-- He is normally the fixer, the do’er, the one who “saves the day”

-- Mom however, is normally the calm one, the practical one

-- She’s is usually the comforter; the one who nurtures (kisses a booboo)

- Parents give us something unique: protection from the world

-- A garland is literally a decoration, a crown, something to be given

-- It signifies good things; accomplishment; a reward given

-- Think of the garland that Greek athletes were given for finishing well

- Even our heavenly Father has plans to crown those who deserve it

-- James 1:12 says, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test,

that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.”

-- APP: To deserve it is to follow Christ; to choose life; to submit to Him

- This is parallel to the hope we are given in Proverbs!

-- This reward for faithfulness is given also by our mother’s teachings

- The chain is a representation of beauty; also a sign of a reward; jewelry

-- It is a symbol of one who has finished well; who’s accomplished task

- Solomon writes some very “wise words” for us to grab onto and memorize

-- These are lessons in life that we cannot pass by or just do without

- In Solomon’s time, both parents educated their children

-- It is good when children can learn from both parents; not always available

- To obtain wisdom, we must study. And we need discipline

-- We cannot become wise quickly; wisdom will improve our lives

TRANS: Let’s examine one specific set of mothers … turn to 2 Timothy 1

Read 2 Timothy 1:3-6

∆ Point 2 – Motherly Traits (add points to slide)

- The bible shows us here that mothers have three main characteristics:

• They are genuine

• They are faithful

• They are responsible

- Lois and Eunice were Godly women; they were very genuine

-- Timothy was the son of Eunice, and he is the grandson of Lois

-- Paul knew of these women from his journey through Lystra (Acts 14)

-- When he arrived there first he found a blooming church; likely met them

- Later in life when he traveled there again, most assuredly he met Timothy

- APP: Genuine women of God are required to raise a family properly

-- Titus 2:3-5 talks about this responsibility in detail by saying, “Likewise, teach (means you have to know it to do it) the older women to be reverent in the way they live (live with God first), not to be slanderers (gossips) or addicted to much wine (drunkards), but to teach what is good (things of God). Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign (means misuse or slander) the word of God.”

- Lois was a woman of great faithfulness

-- She was responsible enough to ensure that it was passed on to Eunice

-- Her family responsibility was to pass this love onto those entrusted to her

-- Psalm 127:3, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

- 2 Tim 2:2 shows what kind of man Timothy was; he too was faithful

-- Paul says, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”

- APP: If Lois was a mother who was unfaithful or uncommitted to God, it would have shown in the one place most never look – her family.

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