Summary: God's instructions for women.

Last week we started a new Message Series with the Letter to Titus. Again, as in all Scriptures, what’s in the Bible applies to all of us. And so, let us open our Bibles to Titus and learn….

Last week we noted from the first 5 verses that all Christians are to pursue godliness. Today, as we honor mothers, we will jump to Titus Chapter 2 to learn instructions to women; next week we will focus on men; and Lord willing, in 2 weeks we will go back to Titus Chapter 1.

And so, read along with me Titus 2:1-6……

Again, we will focus on v3-5 today, but let’s just highlight a few things from the other verses.

v1: all teaching must be in accord to sound doctrine What does this mean? What does other Scriptures say about sound doctrine. We read in 1 Timothy 6:3-4, If anyone teaches false doctrines and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, he is conceited and understands nothing. Think about this for a moment; if someone teaches without god or Jesus Christ, they understand nothing! Do we ever get caught up with philosophers and love gurus out there? Without God and Jesus Christ, these philosophers and love gurus are telling you nothing because they don’t really understanding anything! How much time are we immersing our thoughts with nothing?

Sound doctrine are instructions from Jesus Christ and godly teaching; and what is godly teaching? Godly teaching is whatever comes from God; and God speaks through the Bible.

And let us also note, what’s the opposite of teaching??

There is no teaching if there is no learning and there is no learning when there is no teaching. And so, All of us are to teach and learn sound doctrine = instructions of Jesus Christ and the Bible!; otherwise, we would understand nothing!

What are we all learning? What are we teaching one another? What are we teaching our children?

And let us note this, we all tend to fall into this trap; Teaching godly instructions does not mean pointing fingers! We are to teach but always focus on what God is telling you personally instead of what God is telling others. You see, if we desire godly people around us, we are to pursue godliness first ourselves. And so, husbands, if we desire a godly wife, let’s work on our part.

Men, you can see the list in v2 what we are to do. For today and this week, pray and think about these things. We will take a deeper look at each topic next week.

Ladies, if you desire godly men, you must work on your part. What are women to teach and learn? Let us note that God speaks to “older” women first. From the passage we can note who the “older” women are likely based on v4:

- can teach from experiences

- no more kids at home

- no longer has to maintain a home for her family

Why do you think God speaks to “older” women first??

The church needs godly examples! God may be counting on you!

What are older women to learn based on v3? And what do they mean?

1. be reverent in the way of life (the word reverent refers to sacred and godly)

And so basically, live life with God present! Whatever we’re doing, do it with God in mind! Our minds wander often don’t they? Bring it back to God always!! For all of us, always note the wonderful instruction from God “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

2. not be slanderers (a slanderer is a false accuser) = basically a public liar

3. not addicted to much wine (wine of course can get one drunk and God tells us “Do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit.” To be drunk of course means to be intoxicated, allowing “something” to take control of self besides the Holy Spirit! Today of course, we have other things besides wine which we can allow inside us to take over besides the Holy Spirit. We should all ask ourselves, “Is my life led by God the Holy Spirit or something else?”

As a Christian, a new creation for God, always be “intoxicated” with God the Holy Spirit!

4. teach what is good (and let us remember, only God is good; therefore, teach what God says!

5. and based on v4, let us include the call of “older” women to train younger women (list on v4). We are to teach one another and of course the best way to teach is to be an example!

- love husband and children

- be self-controlled and pure

- be busy at home (again, not busy bodies but busy with a purpose for God)

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