Summary: There is absolutely no reason for us not repent. His voice alarm can be heard in our common sense, conscience,the creation and the written command.


Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 8:4-12

Prepared by: Randy Bataanon

Several years ago, there was a lonely man lying on his bed thinking how miserable his life is since he fall into sin and start living a life contrary to what he believe. The man was a former missionary but temptation finds its way to defeat him that cost his own family and his relationship with his dear Savior.

In a nearby church during that early Sunday morning, he can hear the joyful and worship songs of the church choir. Suddenly, he felt the tears coming from his eyes as conviction from the Spirit began to touch his callous heart.

The man picks up the dusty bible from his cabinet, brush the dust and opens its page without any thinking where to start. The bible page was opened in Jeremiah Chapter 8 and his attention has been caught in verse 7 that reads:

Jer 8:7 Even storks know when it’s time to return. Mourning doves, swallows, and cranes know when it’s time to migrate. But my people don’t know that I, the LORD, am urging them to return.

Suddenly, he felt the Spirit of God touching his heart. The words struck his very soul and he start to kneel and ask God’s forgiveness. With tears running on his cheek, He cried, God I’m sorry! Please forgive me for being so stupid not to repent and return to you the moment I fall. Now I know that this is the day that I have to return to you.

Today, I can assure you that his life has been changed. His family has been restored. His relationship to the Lord was renewed. He started fulfilling his ministry again with more zealousness and humble service. Yes I can tell you how happy it is to be restored and forgiven because I am the same man in this story.

The outline of Jeremiah Chapter 8 is divided in 4 Topics.

Vs 1-3 – The presentation of coming terrible judgment due to their backsliding

Vs 4-12 – The wretched stupidity of the people that aggravates their punishment

Vs-13-17 – The description of the coming judgment because of their sin

Vs-18-22 – The personal affect of this judgment to Jeremiah

In our message today, we will be tackling only the second part (Vs 4-12) wherein God revealed the stupidity of not hearing the voice of God revealed to us in four different ways. God voiced out his call of repentance to the backsliding people of Israel through the lips of prophet Jeremiah. God reminded His people that there are enough reasons for them to repent, turned back from sins and returned to Him. Otherwise, they will experience the judgment as a result of their failure to repent and return to God.

Hear God’s Voice Alarm for every generation:

I. The voice of Common Sense. (Jer_8:4-5)

Jer 8:4 Moreover, you [Jeremiah] shall say to them, Thus says the Lord: Shall men fall and not rise up again? Shall one turn away [from God] and not repent and return [to Him]?

Jer 8:5 Why then is this people of Jerusalem turned away with a perpetual turning away [from Me]? They hold fast to [3] deceit (idolatry); they refuse to repent and return [to God].

In the above text, God use the argument of reason as to appeal to our common sense by asking the question; shall men fall and not rise again? And then God immediately transfer the same question to the backsliding people by saying; why then are this people perpetually or continuously turn away from me? We could say therefore that people who does not repent doesn’t have common sense.

Lesson No. 1 – Say it to your neighbor: Use your common sense! Repent!

II. The voice of Conscience (Jer_8:6.)

Jer 8:6 I have listened and heard, but they have not spoken aright; no man repents of his wickedness, saying, What have I done? Everyone turns to his [individual] course, as the horse rushes like a torrent into battle.

In the above text, God use the argument of conscience by mentioning that no man repent and even ask himself the question, what have I done? Even in our fallen nature, God put conscience within us so we can understand what is good from evil. God has given us the free will to choose including the responsibility and accountability for what ever decisions that we will make.

Lesson No. 2 – Say it to your neighbor: Listen to your conscience! Repent!

III. The voice of Creation (Jer_8:7) (Mat_16:3)

Jer 8:7 [Even the migratory birds are punctual to their seasons.] Yes, the stork [excelling in the great height of her flight] in the heavens knows her appointed times [of migration], and the turtledove, the swallow, and the crane observe the time of their return. But My people do not know the law of the Lord [which the lower animals instinctively recognize in so far as it applies to them].

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