Summary: How sad it is that we forget to stop and thing about God’s Grace. It is Amazing. Stop and think about it for a second

I Timothy 1:13-19

God’s Amazing Grace


A. Down Play Myself

B. But God’s grace takes over

C. Background

1. Paul is writing to this letter to Timothy basically being like a mentor and giving Timothy some good sound advice

2. If you look back you noticed that Paul just finished telling Timothy to say away from false teachers

C. Three aspects of God’s Grace

1. Seeking

2. Saving

3. Serving

I. Seeking (13-14)

A. Explanation

1. Notice in Vs 13 Paul admit he was a blasphemer, persecutor, and a violent man; your basic a terrible man

2. However, Paul tells us in Vs 14 that the GRACE of God was shown to him

3. God did not care about how Bad Paul was

B. Application

1. It does not matter how “bad” you are.

2. If God is willing to seek Paul out, he will do it for anyone.

3. God’s grace is seeks us out; it will find us.

C. Illustration

Amber Brooks – Her life growing up

II. Saving (15-17)

A. Explanation

1. Look at Vs 15 Notice how God saved Paul – who was the worst—literally the “first” #1

2. God has unlimited Patience; Paul Tells us that in Vs 16

3. Vs 17 Paul is so exited that he can’t hide the joy any more and he just has to add a long amen (Read it)

B. Application

1. God’s Grace can save anyone

2. God will not give up on a person, there is still hope (explain that phrase)

3. God’s saving grace is so great, there is time we need a good hearty amen. Amen?

C. Illustration

Amber Brooks – gets saved

III. Serving (18-20)

A. Explanation

1. Vs 18 Because of God’s grace, He called Timothy to serve and Paul is trying to remind him of that

2. Paul tells Timothy to fight the good fight – To dig in and serve

3. Vs 19 Paul warns Timothy not to loose his faith but to rather hold on to it.

4. Later in Vs 19 The author warns Timothy that others have not kept that faith and have been shipwrecked.

B. Application

1. God could have used rocks to serve him, but choose us by his grace; Looks at Luke 19:40 – It tells us that if Jesus Disciples were not praising God the Rocks would be, so imagine what he could use to serve Him

2. Don’t blow God’s grace

3. Fight the good fight – obviously by the work ‘fight’ that implies that is will not be easy

4. Only by God’s grace can we serve him

C. Illustration

Amber – She is serving


A. God’s Grace is amazing

B. What I am because of God’s Grace

C. Challenge

1. Take hold of what God has given to You by his grace

2. What about you? Do you know God’s Saving Grace?

3. Tell others of what God wants to give to them because of his grace

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