Summary: The powerful work of God's grace is seen in His act of justifying us through Jesus Christ.


Romans 3:25-27


1.) We live in a world where many people do not see the importance and relevance of Jesus Christ for our day and time.

2.) There are those who would believe in Jesus Christ, and see him as a great individual of the past.

A.) But the question that comes is how can somebody who was here 2,000 years ago have any relevance to me personally today?

B.) The answer to that question is that Jesus is the very Son of God, and that the Bible declares that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

3.) The God who remains the same in every age, is the God of all Grace, who through Jesus Christ is willing and able to give his grace personally to me, today.

4.) My life and your life can be divided up into three periods of time.

Today, I want us to see how God's grace works in all three time periods of our lives.


1.) Justify and Justification are terms with meanings in the court room.

A.) We usually associate these words with the Church, but actually these terms are legal terms and refer to legal documents.

B.) The one who receives this document or verdict is absolved of all guilt.

ba.) We have heard Justified described as "Just as if I'd never sinned."

C.) The person who is justified will have no sin or guilt against him.

D.) Justification acknowledges that sin has taken place, but the penalty of that sin is removed from the guilty individual.

da.) Really it goes beyond that description. Justification involves acknowledging sin and the guilt of that sin, while absolving the individual of the penalty for that sin.

2.) Justification can be seen from the Watergate scandal of the early 1970's.

A.) The event I want you to remember occurred in the United States between 1972 and 1974.

aa.) At this time the war in Viet Nam was coming to a close. B.) During this time at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. several meetings had taken place.

C.) These meetings involved some top ranking officials of the Federal Government of the United States.

ca.) Several government officials had been caught but nothing seemed directly connect the President of the United States to the political scandal.

cb.) Then in 1974 one tape was found which has since been called "The Smoking Gun" that proved the involvement of President Nixon in the scandal.

cc.) President Nixon tried to carry on for awhile, but it became obvious that this would not be possible.

cd.) On August 8, 1974 President Nixon announced he would be resigning at 12:00 Noon the following day immediately after swearing in Gerald Ford as the next president of the United


D.) One month later on September 9th., 1974 Gerald Ford made the decision as President of the United States to pardon Mr. Nixon.

da.) Read portions of the Presidential pardon

Now, THEREFORE, I, GERALD R. FORD, President of the United States, pursuant to the pardon power conferred upon me by Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, have granted and by these presents do grant a full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9,1974.

E.) In this act of pardon, Gerald Ford justified President Nixon. The pardon or act of Justification acknowledged President Nixon's guilt and crimes, while removing any penalty.

ea.) This was an act of Justification given by the grace of a man.

3.) Nearly 2,000 years before Watergate, Jesus Christ presented himself as an atoning sacrifice for all of mankind.

A.) Rom. 3:23

B.) On the day Jesus poured out his own blood on the cross, and died for the sins of mankind, Jesus granted a pardon or justification for the entire world.

C.) Just as President Gerald Ford offered a pardon to President Nixon, Jesus offered full pardon not only to Mr. Nixon, but to all of mankind. to all of mankind.

ca.) When Jesus died on the cross, he stood at the right hand of the throne of God and there declared: "Therefore, I Jesus the Anointed One of the Almighty God pursuant to my pardoning power as the sinless Son Of God, have granted a full, free, and absolute pardon unto all the inhabitants of earth for all sins and offences committed against God Almighty from the beginning of the world until God himself chooses to end this world, and throughout all of eternity thereafter.

4.) A pardon or justification always has two parts:

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