Summary: Worry never helps, worry never resolves problems, worry can’t change the past, worry can’t change the future, worry only serves to make us miserable NOW.

God’s Answer to your worry

In Psalm 23 we will find seven things originate emotional distress.

We also find the solution to confront with success the pressures of life.

The 1st thing that adds tension to our life is worry.

People that are worried are people that are ineffective.


1. Never Helps

v Worry never resolves problems

v Worry can’t change the past

v Worry can’t change the future

v Worry only serves to make us miserable NOW.

2. Worry is unreasonable

v Worry exaggerates the problem

3. Worry is unhealthy

We were not created to live with worry

Worry affects our health

The word for worry in the Greek is: Strangle

The answer to worry

1 Believe that God is caring for you

The Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

Believing that God is in control of our lives rids us of our worry.

If I believe that the Lord is my Sheppard, it gives me confidence and security.

4 functions of the Sheppard

v The Sheppard provides

Basic needs of his sheep. You’ll never see a sheep look at another sheep and say I wonder where we are going to eat today.

v The Sheppard protects

In order for the wolf to get you, he would have to get through the sheppard

v The Sheppard guides

Leads the sheep when they are confused and don’t know what way to go.

v The Sheppard corrects

Any problems that arise, the Sheppard corrects it.

The Lord is our Sheppard and he promises:




And Correction

Isaiah 40:11

The Promises of God:

- I am taking care of you

- I am the one that leads you

- I am the one that defends you and protects you

The only condition is; LET ME SHEPPARD YOU

How do we make God our Sheppard?

1. Accept Jesus as Lord

The Lord cannot be our sheepard until our Sheppard becomes our Lord.

We can’t ask him to be our Sheppard, but not be willing to surrender to our Lord.

Accepting Christ as Lord means 3 things. John 10:14, 27

KNOW the Sheppard…. And they know me – V.14

Can hear the Sheppard… My sheep hear my voice. V.27

Follow the Sheppard…. And the follow me. V.27

2. Pray about the things that cause you to worry

God wants for us to express to him what things that make us worry.

God wants our relationship and companionship

There are people that don’t have time to pray, but have plenty of time to worry.

But Worry doesn’t change anything, Prayer DOES!

Worry connect us to our circumstance – Prayer connect us to the Power of God

When it comes to worry, we can do one of two things. Become desperate, or pray.

Philippians 4:6-7

God’s ability is greater than our anxiety.

I Peter 5:7

3. One day at a time

Don’t worry about tomorrow that brings with it it’s own problems Matt 6:34

When we worry, we can’t do anything except maybe miss an opportunity to see GOD.

Everyday, God gives us 24 hours to deal with. GIVE us THIS DAY.

Learning how to live each day with responsibility, enthusiasm, and discipline will help us enjoy our lives more

Matt 6:33-34 Seek fist the kingdom of heaven

The best antidote for life’s worries is to make Christ our Lord and Sheppard.

(From the teachings of Pastor Juan Sarinana)

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