Summary: God took 3000 strangers and turned them into brothers. The Holy Spirit moved 3000 believers into forming one of the most successful churches in history. The story you are about to read will hopefully encourage you into seeing God’s Blueprint for His Churc

God’s Blueprint for the Perfect Church

God’s Blueprint for the Perfect Church

I wonder what it was like for those 3000 people who were saved that day on Pentecost? Maybe it went something like this:

Joshua couldn’t sleep! It was a while ago when he heard about the teacher who was put to death for doing amazing things, things like teaching, healing, and serving others. Since then he had it upon his heart to learn more. Last night he heard it being said that the Apostle named Peter was going to be celebrating the Feast of Weeks nearby and he knew this was his chance to be a part of something very, very special. Josh was staying in Jerusalem and was known as a God fearing Jew, but he was foreign born, from Edom, and his language was not known by most people. He was somewhat learned because he spoke Aramaic in addition to his own native language but, he was not learned enough to understand just what Jesus was all about. So early in the morning, he got his belongings together and headed out.

Meanwhile the Apostles were already preparing for their celebration. They were continually at the Temple whenever it was open because their love for their Lord was second to none. They truly wanted to understand all that their Lord had taught them but, there was still a lack of clarity in their minds. Peter was the chief of this lack of clarity, or so he thought as he remembered that even though he was given faith by way of the Holy Spirit, he still questioned Jesus’ plans. On one occasion Peter denied His Master three times out of fear and intimidation. But Peter did not need to be singled out. All the Apostles have had their moments of uncertainty and fear. They still remember, like it was yesterday, the day they scattered and hid before, during and after their Lord’s crucifixion. Yet despite these limitations, they did their best to move forward and honor their Master by proclaiming what they did know. Jesus Christ is the Messiah who has come to take away the sins of the world, but how they wish they understood with full clarity the will of their Lord.

As the Apostles began to celebrate the Feast of Weeks to the Lord a freewill offering was given. The size of the offering was in direct proportion to the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon the giver. And these men truly were blessed. Later there would also be a reflection upon one of the greatest historical blessings handed to the Jews. They would remember the day that the Lord God Almighty removed them from slavery at the hands of the Egyptians and how important it was to follow the Lord’s decree’s, especially the decree to go out into all the World baptizing in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching others to obey all that the Lord has commanded.

While the Apostles were all together in one place; reflecting upon God’s wonderful works of love, all of a sudden a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest of each of them. All of them were then filled with the Holy Spirit. Although they had the Holy Spirit already, this time the Holy Spirit provided wisdom and understanding and of course POWER! When they first received the Holy Spirit, they received faith and it was truly needed because nobody can confess Jesus is Lord without the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, Josh seemed to reach his destination for he heard this amazing sound. To him it was a sound like the blowing of a violent wind and it seemed to come from heaven itself. Josh soon found himself gathered with a crowd and everyone was asking questions. They were all amazed at what just took place. But the amazement instantly turned into confusion upon what they began to hear next. Joshua began hearing others speak in his own native language, which did not make much sense since the others were Galileans. In fact, it appeared that each foreign born Jew in this crowd was hearing his own foreign language. This went on for quite a long time and Joshua was truly convinced that something wonderful was taking place.

Josh, along with what seemed to be most of the crowd began asking the same question, “What Does This Mean?”” Yet others, who seemed to be set on denying any sort of miracle made jokes and accusations that the Disciples were all intoxicated. As if intoxication has ever given anyone the ability to speak in other languages.

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