Summary: Part 2 of the sermon on what it means to be a faithful follower

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God's Check List

Part 2

Colossians 1:9-12

Last week we began the checklist of things that should mark the walk of a "saint" or a "faithful brother, or sister, in Christ."

1. Intercessory prayer for spiritual needs of others

2. Love for the brethren

3. Hope

Today we shall continue with that check list.

This list comes from Paul's prayer for the saints.

4. "Filled with the Knowledge of His will ... "

Paul uses three words here that reveal the three steps of education.

Knowledge .... understanding .... wisdom

Paul first prays that they will be filled with knowledge.

Filled is the Greek word- , which means to be filled or to make full.... it implies A PROCESS OF FILLING.

Paul was praying for the process to begin and proceed and come to completion in his readers.

That is God's will for us. Begin .... proceed ... completion

But knowledge, here, is just the first step.

Think of this as Head knowledge .... you can learn the basic facts ...

2+2=4 3+3=6 4+4=8

a two year old can learn that. .. but does not understand it ... can't use it to count toys.


you have to start at the bottom.

The absolute least that any of us can do is to learn the facts ...

read the Word, learn God's will

memorize the 10 commandments

memorize the golden rule

Put it in the computer. .. later you will learn to use it.

Every one of us should be "Filled with knowledge of God's will"

And how do we get filled?


Even when it doesn't make sense, ever when it is hard to understand, even when it is

boring .... READ THE WORD!!!

Go to church and listen to the lessons and sermons

You can't understand the bible until you first READ IT! ! !

5 ... and understanding ...

Mikey wanted to go to the store and buy some gum. His father gave him 2 pennies, 1 nickel, and 1 dime. He told the Mikey ... This is like 5 pennies, this is like 10 pennies. The little boy repeated it over and over. Then Mikey went to the store. The price of the gum was 4 cents per piece. The Mikey got three pieces, one for himself and two for friends. The clerk told him it would cost 12 cents. Trying to help Mikey, the clerk said, "That will cost 12 pennies." The Mikey pulled out his money and counted ... one big shiny one, one little shiny one and two pennies. He did not have enough pennies. Sadly, he put the gum back and left. his father asked him if he got the gum and he said, NO, I didn't have enough money." His father knew better and again taught him about the nickel and the dime. Mikey could repeat it fine. The next day his father gave him three nickels and 3 pennies... Same trip, same store, same price... still not enough pennies and he went home with no gum. That night his dad spent two hours teaching him again about the pennies. Finally, Mikee got it ... he understood the concept of the nickel being 5 pennies. So, the next day Mikey went to the store and gave the clerk the nickel and asked for five pennies. Then he changed the dime for 10 pennies. Then he bought 4 pieces of gum .. the forth was for his lad for working so hard to teach him... and gave the man 17 pennies. He was so proud because now he understood nickels and dimes.

Understanding God's will is a lot like that story. Often we have the head knowledge, but we lack understanding. We know that God teaches "You must be born again. "

But you don't understand ... like Nicodemus

Then one day it clicks ... you understand Born again means that the old nature, the old way of living has to die, stop, cease to exist. You have to stop living like lost people, stop living for the flesh, stop lying, stealing, lusting, hurting others, etc.

Now, the New nature, the new creation has to come to life ... you have to live differently, think differently, talk differently.

Now you understand what it means to be born again.

Now you, like Mikey, are ready to take the next step ...

6. in all spiritual wisdom

You now know the facts, understand the process, and are ready to put them into

practical application.

Mikey goes to the store, has 2 dimes, 3 nickels and 2 pennies .... he counts 10 ... 20 ... 25 ... 30 ... 35 ... 36 ... 37 ... lays the money on the counter and tells the clerk, "I have 37 pennies here, How many pieces of gum can I get." His Dad smiles from ear to ear because he has grown, he has gained understanding and wisdom. You may be thinking, 'He doesn't know how to tell how many pieces he can get. "

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