Summary: Throwing all your cares into God’s hands

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Let us pray


Our theme this year is, With God All Things Are Possible or With

God Nothing Shall be Impossible......elaborate.. I want to thank you all for being so

caring and loving. When somebody say they are praying for me, it means something to


I would like you to look at the person on your left or on your right. What do you know

about that person? It might be your husband; it might be your wife; it might be a son or a

daughter; it might be a friend or a stranger, but how much do you know about that

person? Besides knowing that person’s name, what else do you know? How much do you

care about that person next to you? If that person had a desperate need, would you care

enough to help?

We all have various needs, and maybe your friends can’t help you, but I know someone

who truly cares about you; I know someone who is ready to help you, and is name is

Jesus, and today you can cast all your cares upon him because he cares about you.

Please turn with me in your bibles to 1 Peter 5 verses 6 through 11 and let’s all stand and read together.

My to-pic for today is, God’s Divine Care. How many of you here today knows that

God cares about you? Whether you believe it or not, it is a fact, God cares about


In 1 Peter 5 verses 1 through 4 we find the apostle Peter having settled and explained the

duty of the pastors and spiritual leaders of the church, he now starts to instruct the flock.

In verse 5 he calls the younger as to how they should behave themselves to their ministers

and to one another. He uses the word submit, and that’s something many of us do not

want to do, we like to have things our way; you do what I say, but I don’t have to do

what you say...........elaborate..... These duties of submission, and subjection to one

another, is contrary to the proud nature and selfish interests of men, but here Peter advises

them to be clothed with humility. Let your minds, your behaviour, your garb or manner of

dress, and complete frame be adorned with humility, as the most beautiful habit you can

wear. If you are disobedient and proud, God will set himself to oppose you and crush you,

for he resisteth the proud, but he gives grace to the humble. Since God resists the proud,

and since God gives grace to the humble, in verse 6 of our text, Peter says, Humble

yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due


Saints of God, if you want God to exalt you then you have to humble yourselves. If you

want God to give you that mountain top exeperience, then you have to humble yourselves.

God’s almighty hand will pull you down if you are proud, or exalt you if you are


Once you have humbled yourselves before God; once you have submitted yourself into the

hand of God, then you are ready to apply verse 7 of our text, a verse which I love so

much, Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. The apostle Peter knew

that these Christians were already under very hard circumstances; greater hardships were

comimg to them, he knew they would be having heavy burdens, and so he gave them the

best advice possible, to cast all their cares upon God.......elaborate.....

I want somebody to know today that God wants you as his child to cast all your cares, all

your burdens upon him. What cares do you have right now, what burdens are you

carrying? God is saying cast them upon him. Do you have financial burdens, cast it upon

God. Do you have marital burdens, then cast it upon God. Do you have problems with

your children..................elaborate....

That word cast, means to throw; so Peter is saying, throw your cares, throw your

burdens, which are cutting and distracting, which wound your souls and pierce your

hearts, throw these cares upon the wise and gracious providence of God; trust in

him with a firm composed mind, for he careth for you. So often we are trying to

figure out things for ourselves, instead of throwing those cares upon God. So often we are

staying up all night wondering what’s happening to the church, instead of throwing those

cares upon God. So often we are attempting to take matters into our own hands, instead

of throwing our cares upon God................elaborate...I am learnig each day how to lean

on God, and t to throw my cares upon God..................

I want to remind somebody today that God cares about you. The Great Almighty God

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La Juana Morris

commented on Feb 8, 2007

Thank you so much for this inspirational message!

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