Summary: God has methods to develope His Eagle Christians.

God’s Eagle Christian

Pastor Billy G. Lobbs

Theme: God’s method of developing eagle Christians.

Text: Isaiah 40:31, "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint."

Introductory Remarks:

In the scriptures, God has likened His people to many things. For example, they are described as being like branches on a vine, trees by a river, a light on a hill, sheep, salt, a racer in a race, a wrestler, a soldier and as our text in Isaiah implies - an eagle.

In this teaching we are going to focus our attention on some facts that I’ve gathered about the eagles way of life, and from them , discover some spiritual truths that will aid us in becoming "God’s Eagle Christians."

Point 1:

I’m really glad that it’s the eagle and not one of the other birds that God chose to identify us with. He could have likened us to a variety of other birds if He had so desired, and rightly so, because we display many of their characteristics. Take the chicken for example. Having been born in southeast Missouri, and having spent some time on a farm, I know something about chickens. Let me give you some chicken facts to show you why I’m glad God said we are to become like eagles and not chickens.

Chickens are crowd followers. If a chicken sees a bunch of chickens running across the chicken yard, he will take off after them. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know where they are going or why they are going there. He follows along because he doesn’t want to miss out on anything the majority is doing.

Chickens just naturally "squabble and fight" over things in the chicken yard. If one finds a nice juicy bug to eat, suddenly they all want it. They will chase each other all over the chicken yard, trying to take it away from each other. They are funny that way. They can walk all around a bug or a grasshopper and not pay any attention to it, but the moment one decides he wants it, at that moment, they all decide they want it and the chase is on.

They have no interest in the heavenlies. They are content to live in the chicken yard, walking around with their eyes on the ground, scratching in the dirt looking for something to eat. Most of them will never try to fly. They are earthbound birds.

I think you can see now why I’m convinced that living the chicken life can never compare to living the eagle life. Chicken living is so limited - so confining - so predictable and so boring. However, living the eagle life - that’s another story. When we hear the word eagle, our minds envision an eagle soaring in the atmosphere, effortlessly riding the wind currents high above the earth; majestic in appearance. He is King of the Sky, master of his domain. With keenness of eye, he spies his prey and swooping down to earth with tremendous speed, and sharp strong talons set, it snatches up its meal and soars back to its nest to feast.

There is something special about the eagle and for centuries it has been recognized by nations, kingdoms and empires as the King of the birds. It’s image has been reproduced on their coins, seals, emblems and flags. And God in His Word tells us that of all the birds of the air, it is the eagle that His people are to be identified with. He is calling us to be "spiritual eagles."

With this in mind, I want to share some eagle facts you may not be aware of. As we examine the eagles way of life, let us think of ourselves as being the eaglets of Jehovah Father Eagle, and that He desires to accomplish in our lives what the eagle parents are trying to accomplish in their offspring’s lives.

Point 2:

In the eagle family the female eagle is bigger and stronger than the male. They mate for life till death parts them. Both parents sit on the eggs, guard the nest, feed and also train the young. To the eagle, raising a family is a responsibility that belongs to both parents. Does God expect less from His eagle family? I don’t think so.

A description of a new born eaglet is almost like describing a new born Christian. Born with its eyes and mouth wide open. It sort of looks like a mouth that’s been attached to a bunch of fuzzy feathers. The parents are kept busy keeping that mouth filled because the eaglet has an insatiable desire for food. The eaglet knows when it opens its mouth, Dad and Mom eagle are going to fill it with good things.

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