Summary: What is our response as God’s people to homosexuality

WE begin a new series today titled “culture in crisis”. I think it was Merle Haggard who had a song in the 80’s describing America that said “Were rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell”. That is a pretty good description.

Amazingly we live in a world where What was once bad is now paraded as good----what was once good is being presented as bad.

The Bible says: 1 Cor 14:8

If the trumpet does not sound a clear call—who will get ready for battle?

I believe maybe the church has been too quiet---we have not sounded a clear call.

For the next three weeks I want us to take a look at three issues that are relevant in our culture. Issues that we see in the paper, on the news---every day.

And I’m going to ask you to help me-----

First by praying for wisdom as I choose my words. I don’t want this in any way to be a soapbox opportunity just to fire up emotions over sensitive issues.

This is not an opportunity for us to condemn and ridicule or make ourselves feel better or superior by degrading others.

I really want us to know God’s heart in these issues and then see what our responsibilities are as God’s people.

Secondly---let’s ask God to open our minds---and to show us areas that might need to be changed in our thinking and our actions.

We are going to talk about homosexuality, racism and sexual purity. I believe these are the three crucial areas we are facing as a community and as a nation. And each of these has an affect on the church.

Last summer a new show hit our television screens

Queer eye for the straight guy. It became such a huge success it made it from cable to prime time in one season. Here’s their description of what happens on that show. This is from their web site.


Each week their mission is to transform a style-deficient and culture-deprived straight man from drab to fab in each of their respective categories: (fashion, food and wine, interior design, grooming and culture).

It’s a full lifestyle make-over — a make better show where straight guys turn in their pleats for flat fronts, learn about wines that don’t come in a jug and come to understand why hand soap is not a good shampoo (and vice versa). When the journey is done, a freshly scrubbed, newly enlightened, ultra hip man emerges.”

Now---I have watched the show a couple of times. And must admit it was a bit entertaining----until I begin to see the subtle messages it presents.

All non homosexual men are in need of saving from their lifestyle. They are all dirty, ignorant, socially inept----and are to be made fun of. But the gay lifestyle can fix that for them.

Chuck Lees is a minister in Ky. He was going to the airport to pick up his wife from a conference. They had been apart for a week and so Chuck bought some roses and was carrying them through the airport to greet her. He’s on the moving sidewalk, when three women coming the other way saw him, assessed the situation and as they passed said, “Lucky woman”. To which Chuck in his humble way responded—“No—lucky guy” and all three women gasped.

Now that story---20 years ago would have gotten no response. That’s how things have changed.

This morning-----I want to share four things with you. Some concerns, Myths, Truths and responses needed from the church concerning homosexuality.

And I must say doing the research for today has elevated my concern.

#1---I am concerned about the danger of the Gay Agenda.

The homosexual movement is not just about people who want to have a different lifestyle and be left alone. There is a clearly stated, 6 point agenda that was laid out in 1989.

Step 1—talk about gays and gayness as loudly and as often as possible. People will become tired of the issue and give us anything we want to shut us up.

Step 2- Portray gays as victims, not as aggressive challengers. Exploit things such as the murder of Matthew Shephard. Use words to build compassion for those “trapped” in this lifestyle.

Step 3-Give homosexual protectors a just cause. This was designed to tap into and exploit the innate sense of fairness that Americans have. We all cheer for the underdog and disenfranchised.

Step 4- Make gays look good. Major media campaigns, television programs all portray homosexuals as the most normal, stable, hippest, happiest people in America.

Step 5- Make the victimizers look bad. Portray people of faith as homophobes and bigots. Muddy the moral waters by getting liberal churches to say homosexual behavior is fine. Get in the leadership of those churches. Divide and conquer.

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Michael Kelly

commented on Sep 23, 2006

I pastor in a predominately gay community and find this message timely. I speak to several gay men throughout the week who actually believe that they are saved. My prayer is that the Lord will remove their scales and allow them true freedom.

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