Summary: God needs you with your talents. He wants dedication on your part. He has his eye upon you. Just be willing and he will make you adequate.


Scripture: Jeremiah 1:4-10


Jeremiah has been called the “weeping prophet”. God’s judgments were about to fall upon the nation. God had become fed up with their

indifference, rebellion, and sin, and through Jeremiah was giving them a last chance to repent and return to him, but they would not. Jeremiah

wept over them as Jesus wept over Jerusalem many years later, when they had refused his messiahship. Jeremiah’s messages were prefaced with “thus saith the Lord!” Jeremiah has been called the man who was

out of step with his greeting, but he was in step with God. He was not popular with the king or the people but his ways pleased God.

I. Jeremiah was a young man when God called him.

The Lord said to Jeremiah, “Before you were born, I had chosen you to speak for me,” and “dedicated you to be a Prophet to the nations.. The time has come for you to be about your Father’s business.”

God needs dedicated young people today. The need is just as urgent as it was in Jeremiah’s day. Response to his call is so important.

A Sunday School teacher became deeply concerned about the conversion of young woman in her class, She visited her home and presented to her the claims of Christ. The girl listened with respect but

said that she was young and had plenty of time, but in her later years would give the subject serious consideration. The teacher went away

sorrowful and on her way happened to pass a flower shop. Going in she purchased a dozen of long-stemmed roses. She left them in the box for several days and then mailed them to the girl who received the

package with great joy, but when she opened the box she believed that someone had played a joke upon her. Then the teacher called again and the girl told her about the flowers. The teacher said, “I sent them to you”. When you chose not to give Christ your youthful years, you really decided to present him later a life’s faded and withered like these roses.” The girl said, “Teacher, I see it now, it will not be that way. I will give my life to Christ at once and live for him”.

When God said to Jeremiah, “I want to channel my message for the people through you”.

II. Jeremiah did not answer God with a “speak Lord for thy servant heareth”, or an here am I, send me”. The Prophets of old never rushed hurriedly into the prophetic ministry. They frequently tried to back off from it. Moses said, “I am not

eloquent.” Isaiah said, “I am a man of unclean lips.” Jonah fled in fear. Jeremiah said, “Ah, Lord God I cannot speak for I am a child.” God replied, “Just be willing, I will make you adequate.” “Don’t be afraid of the people’s black looks. I am with you. I will tell you what

to say”. Not everyone is called in the same manner. Moses was called by a voice from a burning bush. Samuel was called by a voice in the temple

at night. Andrew and Simon were called as they worked with their nets. Matthew was collecting taxes when he was called. Zacheus was up in a tree. God speaks to people in various ways.

Hitchhiking one day, a Canadian evangelist noticed a farmer plowing his field. Then he saw a lunch pail near a fence post. He opened the pail and placed a Gospel tract inside and went on. At noon the farmer found the tract. He did not understand how it got there but its contents were a message to his soul and that tract was the means of his

conversion. Again, God’s message might come through the words of a little child.

A visitor left an Almanac at a house. On the cover was Holman Hunt’s picture; Jesus the light of the world. When his father come home from work the little boy ran to him with the picture lying, “Look Daddy, who is it?” The father did not answer. The little fellow persisted

“Who is it?” The father said, “It’s a man of course”. “What’s his name daddy?” “Christ!” “What’s he doing daddy?” “He’s knocking at the door.” “How long will he knock?” “I don’t know”. “What’s the knocking for?” “He wants in.” “Why don’t they open the door daddy?” “I’d open the door. Wouldn’t you daddy?” Later, both

husband and wife confessed that the boy’s questions had stirred their hearts and both had received the Lord’s as Savior, God speaks from the Bible, or through a Gospel song. God speaks through a sermon or

the example of a good life. He often speaks through an awakened memory, or in the time of emergency. It is a tremendous experience to

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