Summary: This sermon is a contrast between God's goals for the believer and the church and Satan's goals for individuals. God wants to make us like Christ, Satan wants to slowly destroy us.

The Two Goals of the Church:

1) Reach people for Christ.

2) Grow people in Christ.

Biblical basis: Matthew 28:18-20 (called the Great Commission)

God's goal for You:

To work in all things for our good in order to conform us to the image of his Son, Jesus Christ,

Biblical basis: Romans 8:28-29

Where the Devil wants You:

The devil wants you to be:

1) uncontrollable

2) isolated

3) tortured

4) self-destructive

5) Driven by your own desires and lusts

6) Rejecting all authority

7) Under the judgment of God

Biblical basis: Mark 5:1-5, Ephesians 2:1-3

More Points to Ponder:

1) Job's circumstances changed when he prayed for his friends.

One of the reasons God does not answer so many of our prayers is because they are “ME” focused instead of considering others.

When you examine the life of Christ, everything he did had an outward focus. He was unconcerned about his own well-being, and spend time dealing with people on an individual basis. Even when he asked the woman at the well for a cup of water it was for the purpose of leading into a conversation about spiritual things.

The devil sought to destroy Job. God used the circumstances to focus Job on the needs of his friends instead of his own pain.

2) One of the worst days in Paul and Silas' life was to bring them to a place where they can minister to the Philippian jailer.

They were falsely accused and beaten and thrown into a dungeon cell, locked in uncomfortable stocks. They let their focus remain on God and ended by praising God and this led to an opportunity to reach the jailer and his family, who obviously became part of the core group that founded the church at Philippi.

When we remain focused on our suffering we might miss the chance to minister to others. We might miss the educational experience God is bringing into our lives to prepare us to minister to others.

Biblical Basis: The BOOK of Job and Acts 16

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