Summary: Understanding that Grace is a Gift granted by God

Grace defined: getting what we do not deserve.

An unmerited or undeserved favor from God.

Grace is a gift. A gift is not something given to somewhat because they are deserving. That would be considered a wage. A gift is something given by someone who loves the recipient. Understanding the Grace of God is crucial to experiencing the abundant of life Jesus desires for us. Let us reflect and ponder upon this thing called Grace. Many a songwriter expounds upon the self-unworthiness in relationship to this thing called Grace. When the song writer penned the gospel arrangement of Amazing Grace will always be my song of praise" he opens this hymn with a positive purpose. Then he goes on and expounds why Grace is his song of praise. For it was Grace, that bought my Liberty. Now sit back and allow the intricacies of this statement to matriculate in your mind. Grace.... allowed him a since of freedom. Grace provided him with release...Grace relinquished him from bondage. He continues with "I do not know just how he came to love me so" recognizing that it is not something he had earned or even dare to expect to deserve. Moreover, to confirm this understanding he states He looked beyond my Faults and saw my needs. Such an awesome wondrous statement that wraps up just what this Grace thing is.... Confirming that fact that Grace is Sufficient!

Now understand, I want everyone to understand how crucial it is to realize that we should appreciate the grace granted by God and recognize the urgency to expound and exhort this information to others. Let everyone know that yes we were once under the Law and because of our sinful nature we would all be condemned by it, but thank you Lord for the gift of grace that has been given to each of us through the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But NEWS FLASH - a gift given must be gratefully received! However, this gift is not like that ugly tie or too tight skirt that you received at Christmas. It may not be wrapped up in a package that sparkles and shines. But I guarantee that the gift of grace is sufficient!

Grace in the Old Testament refers to "favor" in the expression. "Found grace in the eyes of God" Gen. 6:8.

It is used in the terms of kindness or graciousness that is shown to us by God. However, the New Testament summarizes it as "the unmerited and abundant gift of God’s love and favor to man," or more specifically = Jesus Christ and God’s redemptive love which acts to draw men to him and to preserve them in covenant relationship with him.

In other words, without God, we cannot experience Grace! Why - without God, the best that people can do is give out a cheap copy of the real thing. - Grace from God is heavy duty stuff built to take the heavy duty toil of daily life - where as the replica of grace derived from man will sorely disappoint you since it is simply a cheap imitation.

Now Let us reflect upon our own situations and our individual circumstances. In life, at times we have difficulties to understand the unfairness of life. It is not fair that some people are hungry. It is not fair, that some are homeless or jobless or motherless or fatherless. But wait, think about it, is it fair that God sent his only son to earth to hang on a cross to protect us from our own sin. That is where Grace that is sufficient enters the equation. God’s grace is not dependent on how we look. The letters that precedes or ascends our names does not determine his grace. His grace is not based upon the denomination banner we stand beneath. His grace is not merited by how good or great we feel we are. His grace cannot be negotiated or returned, it is an absolute thing. It is not given on demand or with an underlying purpose. God’s grace is a gracious gift given out of love. Somebody needs to understand that his Grace is Sufficient!

No matter what we do or how many times we fall down, stumble, get off track; God has a relentless, undying, unfathomable, unquenchable love from which we can never be separated from. God’s grace is sufficient.

Some one may be sitting here right now asking, "what is this thing called GRACE?" Is it something I work to get? Is it something you obtain in order to be saved? Does it come from us treating others right, and loving our neighbor? Is it based upon our perfection’s vs our imperfections? The grace of God says we serve God because we are saved, not in order to be saved! We love our neighbor because we are saved not in order to be saved.

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