Summary: God choose the foolishness of preaching! They can’t hear if someone doesn’t tell them good news, they can’t believe if they don’t hear, they can’t preach if they are not sent. God calls us all to proclaim the good news. So that people hearing will beli

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God’s Great Call To Missions

“ Lamak”* was born into a wealthy, powerful Muslim family in South Asia. His family’s reputation put pressure on him to live like a Muslim. Everything changed when Lamak turned his life over to Jesus Christ while working in Singapore.

When he returned home four years later, he accepted the risks of living out his faith. Despite the danger, Lamak shared Jesus with his family.

His father-in-law reacted violently. He strapped Lamak to a chair and pumped volts of electricity into his arms. He tried to force Lamak to denounce his faith in Christ. Lamak refused.

Though scars remain on Lamak’s arms as a result of this torture, he uses his wounds to share his testimony with others. He now works with a short-term missions worker and has helped plant 32 churches and has baptized 500 Muslim believers.

“The Lord continues to work in mysterious ways through those who are willing to serve Him,” a Southern Baptist mission worker says.

*Names changed for security reasons.

But Lamak would never have had the opportunity to do so much for Christ Had he never Heard, the Gospel and Believed on Jesus Christ.

Romans 10.14-15a

I. How can they hear?

A)They can’t if we don’t Speak up! (Paul uses one of his favorites Rhetorical question.)

1) Paul’s Point—Someone must tell the good news

2) Paul’s Purpose and ours – Romans 10.17

“So faith comes from hearing and, and hearing by the word of Christ.”

a) Not simple hearing – spiritual ears.

b) Understanding as given by the Holy Spirit.

God through the Holy Spirit almost always uses people.

B) They can’t if we don’t send someone to Speak up!

1) Someone to reach other people groups

2) Someone that reach people we can’t

a) It involves your treasures (offering, time)

but stores up heavenly treasure

b) It involves their talents, time and Our God.

Talking about salvation Jesus said, “With man these things are impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

When we give it all to God, and stop limiting His power God can.

Do anything

Do everything

Bring all men to Him

But the question comes up.

II. How can they believe (Live Up)

A) Letting others hear from our lives

1) living out the word of life

“How many million more souls are to pass into eternity without having heard the name of Jesus?”

This led Lottie in her older years to give away her food so others might live and have one more opportunity to find Jesus. (Live UP)

2) Jesus said if you gave a cup of cold water in my name.

B) Letting them hear from Missionaries lives

1) sacrificing for the Gospel

a) As Lottie did

b) As missionaries do today, as Paul, Peter

And most important of all As Jesus did.

2) Life Story

a) Living with people on the missionary field

b) Walking with them just like Jesus did

Those that are willing to sacrifice should have our prayers, our love, and most importantly our support.

III. How can they preach?

A) They have to be called.

1) Isaiah 6 Whom shall we send and whom shall go for us?

2) Jesus go and make disciples

3) Jesus You will be my witnesses,

B) They have to be sent.

1) Isaiah 6. – always reminded of this when I think of Missionaries.

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