Summary: God is extending an invitation to the greatest reunion of all.

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A. Andy and Barney’s high school reunion.

1. Barney is moving his trunk into Andy’s garage when the old high school annual falls out.

2. Andy begins to question where they all are and about the possibility of seeing them again.

3. Before long they are planning a high school reunion.

4. One of the local girls heads it up, and they are surprised at the many responses they get.

5. Andy is particularly hoping that his old high school sweetheart will come, but they never hear from her.

6. The big night finally arrives, and Barney has the book out trying to figure out who all the people are.

7. When the party is almost over, Sharon, Andy’s high school sweetheart, shows up.

8. They have a wonderful talk and do a lot of reminiscing.

9. After it’s all over and Andy and Barney are cleaning up, they are sad because it’s all over but glad they had the chance to see their old friends again.

10. Heaven will be one big reunion of God’s people.

11. There may be some sadness over those who didn’t make it, but there will be great joy in seeing those we have known and only read about in God’s word.

B. Jesus dines with one of the Pharisees.

1. He thought of those who had not been invited (Pharisees would not just invite anyone).

2. Probably only invited those of his elite group.

3. No one from the lower class of society would have been there.

4. Told his host he should have invited the poor, crippled, lame and blind.

C. Reply by one of the guest leads to the parable.

1. “Blessed is the person who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.

2. Jesus tells about a great banquet.


A. God’s Kingdom defined.

1. Reign of God in human history through the person of Christ to redeem humanity.

2. God is king and is acting in history to accomplish his purposes and bring the world to his planned end.

3. Has always existed, but took on new meaning after the work of Christ.

4. Jesus established this phase of the kingdom when he came and will bring it to a close when he comes again.

5. He will create a new heaven and earth for all the redeemed of the ages.

6. Jesus, “But if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.”

7. Jesus, “The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.”

8. We enter the kingdom of God by faith in Jesus and that ensures our existence in it throughout eternity.

B. Jesus compares the kingdom to a banquet.

1. When giving a banquet, a general announcement was sent with the date.

2. On the day of the banquet, a servant was sent to tell that the banquet was ready.

3. Jesus tells of a man who did just this.

4. When the servant was sent, those who had been invited began to make excuses.

5. Master became angry and told the servant to go into the streets and alleys and invite the poor, crippled, blind and lame.

6. Still room after this had been done.

7. Instructed to then go into the roads and country lanes and invite everyone.

8. If the friends would not come, he would invite everyone.

C. First application is made to Jesus.

1. The prophets predicted the coming Messiah, but when he came many refused to believe in him.

2. The gospel went to the Jews first, but when they rejected it, it was sent to the Gentiles.

D. Entering his kingdom is like going to a feast or party.

1. Festive time, delightful time, and time for fellowship.

2. It is entered by faith.

3. Living the Christian life should be fun not boring.

4. Many Christians seem to say by their actions that you have to be sad to be God’s child.

5. Frowns don’t equal godliness.

E. The Bible doesn’t teach that we have to renounce all joy and pleasure.

1. This teaching has slipped into some churches and denominations.

2. Bible doesn’t call us to be ascetic or deny our bodies things God has provided for us.

3. Doesn’t say we have to be recluses or withdraw from society, because Jesus didn’t.

4. I’m afraid some Christians might not enjoy heaven.

5. We are to mingle and thereby be that permeating influence.

6. We should enjoy the beautiful earth God has made for us.

7. We are not to be legalists like the Puritans or Pharisees.

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