Summary: How can I keep from misconstruing God’s justice?

God’s Justice Misconstrued!

Job 8:1-22

PROPOSITION: Because Christ is perfect, you must trust in His justice.

I. Maintain a biblical view of the character of God. 8:1-7

A. God is just! (1-6)

1. God’s justice defended (1-2).

be careful how you speak to God

don’t impugn His character.

2. God never perverts what is right (3-4).

justice – is strict adherence to a standard

the right – is correct behavior

your children deserve to die for their sin.

3. Seek God and plead for mercy (5-6).

Your responsibility is twofold (5-6):

God’s responsibility: restoration with peace and prosperity (7).

B. God is love (7); 1 John 4:8, 14-17

1. At the cross sin was judged.

2. At the cross a Savior was provided.

II. Maintain a biblical view of the justice of God. 8:8-22

A. Learn from the evidence of tradition. (8-10)

1. Look for wisdom in the past (8-9).

“What do the ancients say about it?”

The problem: The past contains as much folly as wisdom.

2. Glean from the teachings of tradition (10).

“What does the Word say about it?”

They didn’t have the recorded Word.

B. Learn from the evidence in nature. (11-22)

1. The godless will eventually perish (11-19, 22).

The papyrus plant (11-13).

The spider’s web (14-15).

The gourd of the garden (16-19).

2. The righteous will eventually enjoy bliss (20-22).

God doesn’t reject a blameless person (20).

God blesses the righteous (21-22).

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